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Power rankings round up: The Eagles are pretty good

Everyone has taken notice

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Last week we said that if the Eagles beat the Steelers they would see them into the top 10 in power rankings. Did they ever. The Eagles 34-3 plastering of the Steelers turned everyone’s heads.

SBNation - 5th (last week: 14)

If you’re not yet a believer in Carson Wentz, there isn’t much more he could’ve shown at this point. Despite the big jump from the FCS to the NFL that was supposed to take a long time to make, Wentz has arguably had the greatest start to his career than any rookie quarterback ever.

While the tougher matchups are still on the way, Wentz looks plenty capable of leading the Philadelphia Eagles to the postseason.

ESPN - 7th (last week: 15th)

The Eagles head into their bye week 3-0 behind a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback who has yet to turn over the ball. The Eagles also have allowed only 27 points through three weeks, best in the NFL.

Yahoo - 5th (last week: 15th)

It was good for the Eagles to take it easy on Ryan Mathews when his ankle was sore, and give some young tailbacks some carries. Mathews won’t stay healthy all season (he never does), and they’ll need to rely on their backup running backs at some point.

Fox Sports - 5th (last week: 12th)

The biggest surprise of the season has been the Eagles, without question. They’re 3-0 and dominated the Steelers on Sunday with a 34-3 victory. The defense is legit, Carson Wentz has been outstanding, and they’re deep at running back. Philadelphia is officially a contender.

Pro Football Talk - 6th (last week: 19th)

That “they haven’t beaten anybody” excuse went out the window on Sunday.

Bleacher Report - 5th (last week: 18th)

We all thought their momentum would slow down in Week 3.

Wrong. Wrong. So wrong.

The Eagles deserve to jump all those spots from last week. They kept rolling behind a rookie quarterback who outdueled Ben Roethlisberger and a Jim Schwartz-led defense that would have made Jim Johnson proud.

What more can you say about Carson Wentz? I've highlighted his immediate-to-deep throwing prowess. He's not Andrew Luck/Cam Newton athletic, but he's closer than we thought. And he just handled the Steelers' defense with the same ease he handled the Browns' and Bears'. So, yeah.

I didn't think their offensive line would hold up. I didn't think their defensive line (hello, Fletcher Cox) would be this dominant. This Eagles team is making me rethink everything now.

After entering the week with a consensus of 15th, the Eagles are now the 5.5th best team by these consensus power rankings.

With next week a bye week, the Eagles won’t be going far. They’ll move a few spots as everyone else plays, but for at least two weeks you can say the Eagles are one of the best teams in the league. Because everyone else is saying it.

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