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NFL Week 3 Games: An Open Thread

Watch some games before you watch the Eagles game

Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Eagles play today but it’s not until 4:25, so you can pre-game with other games! Here’s a list of all the games but let’s run down the 1pm games and see if there are any worth watching:

Vikings at Panthers, Fox: Kurt Coleman could conceivably pick off Sam Bradford. What a world to live in. If the Vikings are the contenders they think they are, this should be a good game.

Lions at Packers, Fox: The Lions seem to be a team that plays to the level of their competition, and at this early stage we’re not really sure if the Packers are a step up or below the Lions.

Ravens at Jaguars, CBS: You’d have to have at least four players either on your fantasy team(s) or your opponents fantasy team(s) to have any interest in watching this game.

Cardinals at Bills, Fox: Is there a stadium big enough to hold the egos of Bruce Arians and Rex Ryan?

Raiders at Titans, CBS: CBS is getting shafted this week.

Browns at Dolphins, CBS: Now I’m just feeling sorry for CBS’s slate of games today.

Broncos at Bengals, CBS: Finally CBS gets a good matchup. On paper. Feels like the wheels on Trevor Siemian are going to fall off in this game.

Redskins at Giants, Fox: This is the game you want to watch as an Eagles fan. There’s no real downside here, either the Giants win and bury the Redskins, or the Redskins win and the Eagles are guaranteed to remain in first place in the division.

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