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NFL power ranking round up: Eagles look solid

Double digit wins help

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

After moving up a respectable amount after beating the Browns, how did the Eagles MNF win over the Bears look to the rest of the league.

BGN - 12th (last week: 15th)

Pretty much a repeat of last week: Carson Wentz looked sharp, the defense played very well with the lead, Doug Pederson coached a good game and the Eagles put away an inferior opponent while many other teams struggled to do so. Maybe this team isn’t too bad after all.

SBNation - 14th (last week: 21)

No write up - 14th (last week: 23rd)

Massive jump for the Eagles, based on superb play from rookie quarterback Carson Wentz -- as well as the much-improved defense. Cool graphic from Monday night: Wentz is the first rookie QB since 1970 to start and win his team's first two games without throwing a single interception. Of course, having a defense that has allowed only 17 points over two games is kind of huge (we're not counting the Bears' punt-return touchdown). Yep, with a performance like that, the only drop associated with these Eagles comes courtesy of Jordan Matthews' hands. Now, the Browns' scouting department, on the other hand ...

ESPN - 15th (last week: 20th)

It's hard to have as impressive a start to a pro career as Carson Wentz, who has yet to throw an interception despite attempting 71 passes. But the 2-0 Steelers will likely provide a tougher test in Week 3 than the winless Browns and Bears did.

Yahoo - 15th (last week: 25)

I wasn’t a fan of Jim Schwartz as a head coach. But as a defensive coordinator? He’s tremendous. The Eagles defense plays really fast.

Fox Sports - 12th (last week: 19th)

The Eagles looked impressive, both defensively and offensively, against the Bears on Monday night. Carson Wentz continued to look like the impressive rookie that he is, while the defense forced Jay Cutler into multiple turnovers. The Eagles look to be contenders in the NFC East, but they’ll need to come away with a win next week against the Steelers to be dubbed serious threats in their conference.

Pro Football Talk - 19th (last week: 26th)

Don’t like being No. 19, Philly Bro? Beat the Steelers on Sunday.

Bleacher Report - 18th (last week: 20th)

Carson Wentz's best throw Monday night might have been one that ended up incomplete.

He dropped another dime right into Jordan Matthews' arms that fell to the ground. It would have been another touchdown on top of an impressive second act.

Head coach Doug Pederson isn't reinventing the wheel. He's letting his rookie quarterback complete play-action throws and quick, easy screens. It's working.

His defense isn't really complex, either. Fletcher Cox and Co. are just better than the five blockers in front of them. Put them in the top 10 if you're ranking D-lines.

After moving up 5 spots on average from the preseason, last week we said that beating the Bears would move the Eagles up another 5 spots. They did slightly better than that. Last week the Eagles averaged 22, this week the same power rankings average them at 15th (again, we don’t count ourselves), a 7 spot improvement. A close loss to the Steelers shouldn’t see them fall far, and an upset win should see them launch into the top 10.

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