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Eagles news: Carson Wentz gaining league-wide respect

Eagles news and notes for 9/17

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Good news for people who like.... good news

Bears hope to introduce NFL reality to Carson Wentz after auspicious debut - Chicago Tribune

"He's pretty damn impressive," Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said. "It looks now like Philadelphia is going to be very well rewarded for the risk they took on draft day, giving up a lot of (picks) to get this guy. He looks like he's going to be, long-term, a hell of a quarterback."

After Fangio dissected video of Wentz's debut, he appreciated many of the traits that prompted the Eagles to trade up to draft him — big arm, mobility, poise and command of the offense.

Cutler empathizes with Eagles rookie QB Carson Wentz - ESPN

From that perspective, Cutler knows exactly what Wentz will encounter on a daily basis.

"It's difficult," Cutler said. "I think he's in a good spot. I think [Eagles coach] Doug [Pederson] understands that position really well and you can't lean on that guy that much early on. It has to be a team sport. You have to put him in position to be successful and you have to hope that your offense is going to grow together for two or three years, because changing coaches, changing offensive coordinators is hard on a young quarterback."

How will Carson Wentz handle Vic Fangio’s ‘tricks’ against the Bears - CSN Chicago

Since Bears cornerback Deiondre Hall' had played fellow Eagles rookie qaurterback Carson Wentz twice in college when Northern Iowa would match up against North Dakota State, I asked Vic Fangio this week whether or not he would tap into a rookie's experience when it comes to game-planning for the No. 2 overall pick Monday night. The man who's in his 17th season as an NFL defensive coordinator and 30th as an assistant coach had a quick answer.


Nelson Agholor 'in a great place' after early struggles - ESPN

"I think I started listening to other things and started worrying about other things. That's where I strayed," Agholor said. "I never lost sight of what I wanted to do because I was still preparing and all that type of stuff, but I was almost contradicting my belief and my respect of the process by just worrying about why the next day wasn't the breakout day or why the day after that wasn't where I just shined so much. And that's something you can't do."

The Eagles' offense is playing Kenjon Barner's tune - Daily News

You're undersized for an NFL running back. You love basketball, and you're probably a Lakers fan. There's a certain newly-minted Hall of Fame player, whose signature moment came when he stepped over Tyronn Lue, with whom you might feel a connection, isn't there?

Love it. Love it. If I could play basketball I'd be a point guard, all day. I liked Iverson, but I'm talking Kobe over anybody.

Still, I was pumped about [the step-over in the 2001 NBA Finals]. You appreciate greatness ... A guy that little doing what he did? He deserves the Hall of Fame.

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