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NFL Week 2 Games: An Open Thread

The Eagles don't play today. Other folks do, though!

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Reminder: Dave put together a very cohesive, all-bases-covered watching guide for Week 2 right here. I'm just here to give y'all a place to talk about these dang games, but I also like making fun of NFL teams so here we go, this is what this Eagles-less Sunday looks like:

Saints at Giants 1:00 PM FOX -- Oh boy, look, no defense! Maybe Eli Manning will throw another pass right a defender.

Chiefs at Texans 1:00 PM CBS -- Alex Smith is a good quarterback, goddamnit. Why will no one believe me?

Bengals at Steelers 1:00 PM CBS -- Eagles play the Steelers next week. These games are always violent. A good viewing option.

Cowboys at Washington 1:00 FOX -- NFC EAST FIGHT. Second week in a row. What a world. Dak PresGOD vs. Kirk GOATsins. What a matchup.

Dolphins at Patriots 1:00 CBS -- The Patriots don't have Tom Brady but apparently Jimmy Giraffe-polo is good at football?

Titans at Lions 1:00 CBS -- Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray lost in week one. Bittersweet.

Ravens at Browns 1:00 CBS -- Browns are bad, the Eagles showed everyone that last week. Cody Kessler is dressing Sunday LOL.

49ers at Panthers 1:00 FOX -- Chip Kelly flies across the country on a short week to face the defending NFC champions. Woof.

Buccaneers at Cardinals 4:05 FOX -- Jameis Winston is very good at football. Imagine if he had Larry Fitzgerald. Yowza.

Seahawks at Rams 4:05 FOX -- The Rams are going to score negative points.

Colts at Broncos 4:25 CBS -- Andrew Luck is a very good player on a very bad team. Trevor Siemian is still unknown. Good game!

Jaguars at Chargers 4:25 -- Rooting for former future Eagles head coach Gus Bradley all season long. The Jags will win.


Packers at Vikings 8:30 NBC -- Is Sammy Sleeves starting tonight? Oh god I hope he is. The Packers will win by 40.

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