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Frank Reich: “We got what we expected” from Wentz

Eagles offensive coordinator keeps singing the rookie’s praises

NFL: Preaseason-New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Reich met with the media this morning, and as you can imagine, he was asked almost entirely about Carson Wentz.

On Carson Wentz’s debut

"We got what we expected. Our focus on him was to just execute the plays... don't try to do too much, but plays present themselves and I think that's what we saw. Great team effort." Reich praised the whole team for playing a strong game that helped ease Wentz into his NFL debut.

On playing on the road on Monday Night Football

Crowd noise looks to be a factor for the Eagles against the Bears, but Reich isn’t too concerned. "Going on MNF obviously a big crowd. Great football town. You just stay focused because obviously the crowd noise factor. We work on it all the time. You just have to stay poised."

"I'm not concerned about it. It is a challenge, we play noise in practice, we work on the silent count. Everything about him and our team says he's ready. But I've seen the best players in the world get rattled. If you're just a little bit off and not quite synced up, it can get really bad fast."

On if Wentz reminds him of anyone

"I don't like to compare too much, everyone wants to be their own unique guy, and Carson is his own guy for sure. Physically he reminds me of a combination of [Andrew] Luck and Jim Kelly. Just a toughness, mentally tough, physically tough attitude, not afraid to stand in the pocket and take a hit. You don't want those guys to take hits, but those are good signs."

On Wentz taking hits in the pocket

"I think it's huge. This is game is a physical game, it's a toughness, it's an attitude. Everyone thinks of the QBs as the Prima donnas but Carson has the size and the mentality to stay in the pocket and make plays with 2 or 3 guys breathing down his neck."

"He probably took 2 or 3 hits that there's something he could have done better, a protection call or getting the ball out quicker. we've got to sharpen things up and get better."

On Trey Burton filling in for Zach Ertz

"Trey has got to step up, we have to adapt. The good thing is with this offensive system it's all built on a multiple approach."

Reich was then asked if Burton is a guy they can depend on. "I really think so. The grind of the OTA builds a lot of confidence. He just shows a lot of natural ability."

On Nelson Agholor

"I thought [the TD] was a great moment, I was next to coach Pederson and it fired me up as soon as the play was called. I remembered when I got hired here and watching the film, and I've said this multiple times, is how good Nelson is at getting off the press."

"He had the poise to attack him at the line of scrimmage and then beat a very good corner outside."

"He's been practicing his butt off. He's looked great in practice. But you need to build on it."

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