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Eagles News: The road gets tougher for Carson Wentz

Eagles links and notes for 9/16

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Truth About Young QBs - MMQB

Starting in Week 1 is tough for any young guy, but the truth in these numbers—Griffin was better than almost anyone; Manuel and Sanchez were better than Flacco and Luck—is that the degree of difficulty keeps rising, and swallows whole plenty of promising careers.

“The biggest challenge is that it really is different every week,” Mularkey said. “The defenses they’re facing—you got people coming in all different directions, different fronts, personnel, coverages, strengths and weakness. In the NFL vs. college, there’s just so many differences week-in and week-out, and that’s tough. There’s more time leading to the first game, so there’s that too.

“You don’t spend as much time on 2, 3,or 4. You spend a lot of time on 1. And then, they throw you into a regular season week, where you have to do all of it in a condensed amount of time. That’s jarring for a young player.”

As spotlight intensifies, Doug Pederson can help 'protect' Carson Wentz - ESPN

Still, this is a beast the 23-year-old is encountering for the first time. He was -- is -- a star in North Dakota, but the media crush was never this intense; the reverberations never traveled this far.

"This is where I can step in and help him and protect him and keep him out of that and keep him focused," said Pederson. "If I can keep him in the building as long as I stay in the building, then we're going to be OK. Listen, I know there's always outside influences. And the more success he has on the football field, all that off-the-field stuff will take care of itself. But the last few days, he's handled it well."

With the Eagles, learn to enjoy the moment - Daily News

You can dissect each individual step without losing focus of the big picture.

Still, it seems that it is only when the Eagles win that we are programmed to forget. If we point out something good because it actually was good then we are getting ahead of ourselves and blowing it out of proportion.

It’s a long season, and if the prognostications are correct, the Eagles are going to have more downs than ups.

So on those good weeks, enjoy it. There will be likely be other opportunities to legitimately complain.​

Difference between Carson Wentz, Jared Goff is the reps - Fresno Bee

Right then, you knew. It was his first action in the NFL and right then you knew he understood protections, he understood how to get the ball out with timing – he knows how to beat a blitz.

He was not afraid of the moment. That one play spoke volumes because that’s the hardest thing to teach. If you have that when you come in, you’re already a leg up on everybody else.

Goff, on the other hand, was never asked to throw hots. He was never asked to see the coverage and understand who you’re throwing against. Cal’s system is based on progression – you throw it here or you throw it here. Cal isn’t worried about what coverage the defense is in. They’re not worried about protections. Cal’s plan: Our scheme is going to beat what you run.

How worried should the Bears be about Kevin White? - Chicago Sun-Times

Oh man, could you imagine not being in Jay’s ‘Trust Tree’? Quite the disparity from the honor of being one of his trusted receivers. Cutler doesn’t have much of a choice than to make it work with White, and he’s been around the game long enough to know White has raw abilities that need to be honed.

White obviously has to take it upon himself to earn that trust and improve his route running to be more precise, but Dowell Loggains also has to draw up plays that put White in position to succeed, right? Will we see some more screens next week, or simple go patterns from White? Or should it not be on Loggains and Cutler to be so careful with a No. 7 pick?

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