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Malcolm Jenkins was mic’d up in Week 1 against the Browns

Hear how the Eagles safety leads the team on the field and sidelines.

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Defensive and team leader Malcolm Jenkins was mic’ed up on Sunday’s season opener against the Cleveland Browns, and the inspiring and supportive voice was loud and clear from on the field to the sideline. Jenkins posted a few teaser videos on his Instagram ahead of the full audio release.

After starting the pre-game with some encouraging words for McLeod Jr., followed by an “I love you, man”, Jenkins had a word with first time head coach Doug Pederson and shook hands with rookie quarterback Carson Wentz before his first professional drive. Jenkins stood on the sideline attentively watching the rookie’s first touchdown before getting ready for his chance to take the field.

Jenkins took the field for the defense’s first test of the day and after diving through the offensive line, he recapped the play with the coaching staff on the sideline. We also get a small look into how the veteran motivates himself on the field, smacking his helmet and offering himself a few words of encouragement, “do great, head down, read the book.”

Even on plays with tough or late hits, Jenkins still practices sportsmanship. The Eagles safety was hit late by rookie receiver Corey Coleman. Jenkins jumped up and grabbed the young player, before backing off and jeering “You’re took light in the ass though...” and you can hear Bennie Logan chime in with, “that’s your lesson.”

He goes on to cheer “there you go Nelly” as Wentz scored his second touchdown of the day, and taunted former Ohio State teammate Terrelle Pryor — who is fairly new to receiver position — “that ain’t your route TP” and encouraged him to keep going deep.

The clips end with (now injured) quarterback RGIII telling Jenkins it’s always a pleasure to play against him, with Jenkins encouraging him to stay healthy and take advantage of his new opportunity with the Browns.


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On and off the field Malcolm Jenkins is a great leader, and he was a great choice for the inaugural mic’d up player of the 2016 regular season.

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