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NFL Power Rankings 2016 Week 1 round up: Eagles went from bad to lousy

Can’t get no respect

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Eagles were considered one of the worst teams in the league, averaging 27th in the power rankings we sampled. After easily defeating the Browns and Carson Wentz impressing nearly everyone, have they significantly moved up?

BGN - 15th (last week: N/A)

Sure they beat the Browns, but they were one of the few teams this weekend to comfortably win. So we’ll give them a little bit of a bump for that. In power rankings, style points do matter, and the Eagles had plenty of them.

SB Nation - 21st (last week: 28)

I don’t want to give the Eagles too much credit because their 29-10 win came against the Browns, who look poised to break the record for the worst defense ever. However, that was a solid debut for Carson Wentz. - 23rd (last week: 26th)

Nice jump here for Philly, though I'm holding steady (for now) on overreacting. Coordinator Jim Schwartz's defense displayed its facelift from 2015. Without much tape on Carson Wentz, the Browns' defense struggled. We'll see if Wentz can play within himself in Week 2. Love that the running game plowed for a buck and change. The Eagles definitely look ready to soar. Oh boy, that was cheesy. It brings back memories of the old Dick Stockton intros for the CBS Game of the Week. Ron Jaworski has an eagle eye for Mike Quick ... as the fourth-place Eagles look to soar past Neil Lomax's Cardinals, todddaaaaaay on CBSSSSSSS! Maybe it was Dan Jiggetts or Jim Hill, not Stockton. It was pure greatness, either way.

ESPN - 20th (last week: 25th)

Poise counts! Carson Wentz went 8-of-8 against the blitz in his NFL debut and led the Eagles to one of the most lopsided victories of Week 1. Will Wentz continue to shine brightly in Week 2's Monday night game against Chicago?

Yahoo - 25th (last week: 29th)

Carson Wentz looked fantastic in his debut. It didn’t seem like it was merely a product of playing a bad Browns team, though it will be interesting to see if he can repeat it next week at Chicago on Monday night.

Fox Sports - 19th (last week: 24th)

Carson Wentz put on a clinic in his NFL debut and showed why the Eagles drafted him second overall. To tap the brakes on the hype train a little, it was against the Browns (sorry, Cleveland), who aren’t good. Philadelphia still has plenty to prove before it's considered a contender, but Sunday was a good start.

Pro Football Talk - 26th (last week: 31st)

A win is a win is a win, even when the win comes against a team that some think should be relegated to the CFL.

Bleacher Report - 20th (last week: 27th)

Once upon a time, I was a young quarterback preparing for my first NFL start.

I doubted Carson Wentz because I know how much work goes into that process. And I was totally wrong about the kid.

The Eagles used him perfectly: a rollout here, a checkdown there, and then—without warning—Wentz dropped a dime or two behind the Browns secondary. He really accomplished something amazing.

Even more amazing? The will of this Eagles team to win, despite roster turnover. A lot of players who suited up for last year's opener wore different colors this year—including their now-former starting QB.

The most important parts, such as their dominant line and Fletcher Cox, stayed put. It's a new era, and Philly is off to a great start.

Like we predicted last week, beating up on a bad Browns team wasn’t going to move them up too far. After averaging 27th before the season started, the Eagles now average 22nd. (We didn’t count ourselves in this.)

The same can be said about this week: the Bears are considered a bad team, averaging 28th, a win would probably move the Eagles up four or five spots.

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