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Eagles News: Eagles defense could be one of the best this year

News and links for 9/13

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Let’s get to the news...

Eagles D could go from third-worst to one of the best with help from offense - Philly Voice

A season ago, the Eagles were 30th in the NFL in yards per game allowed and 28th in the NFL in points per game allowed. After one game (yes, extraordinarily small sample size against a bad team), they're fourth in yards allowed and tied for second in points allowed.

The personnel isn't much different defensively this season than it was a year ago, but there's a decent chance the Eagles could go from the 30th ranked defense in 2015 to somewhere in the top 10, largely because that up-tempo offense is gone.

The best defense is a good offense, or at least an offense that isn't punting by the time you get back from taking a whiz during the commercial break.

Pederson: Carson Wentz should enjoy the win, but new week is 'different set of circumstances' - Inquirer

“My message to Carson? Obviously, enjoy it. This business is short-lived,” Pederson said. “You get a chance to watch the film, make corrections, and we’re on to the next opponent. And it’s a different set of circumstances. It’s like every one of our golf games in here. One day you shoot 75, the next day you shoot 85. You just have to take each game in stride. It’s a Monday Night game coming up, national spotlight. It’s a road game. Noise, the whole thing. Enjoy this one, but we’ve got to come to work ready to play again.”

Pederson identified a handful of impressive throws that Wentz made, from Wentz’s 19-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews in the first quarter to a five-yard fourth-down conversion to Zach Ertz in the third quarter. The coaches prepared Wentz for much of what happened on Sunday, but there were plays that were simply Wentz’s talent and understanding of the game coming through.

Eagles-Browns, Day After: Wentz Is ‘Special’ - Birds 24/7

For most players, their confidence in Wentz grew as soon as he walked in the door. They point to how he believes he can do anything, though his confidence isn’t elevated to the point of cockiness, Lane Johnson adds. They point to how well he commands a huddle, though he still knows his place and doesn’t step on veterans’ toes, Ertz adds. And they point to how he sometimes gets in the NovaCare Complex around 5 a.m., though he still takes the time to build relationships and take a leadership role, Matthews adds.

“It is hard for any rookie at any position to come in in this league and play right away. The quarterback position is, without a doubt, the hardest position to play in this league,” Connor Barwin said. “He showed a lot of poise and leadership.”

NFL Week 1 Blanket: Eagles may have won, but hold off on Carson Wentz's coronation - Sports Illustrated

Don't crown Carson Wentz just yet: Carson Wentz, the second overall pick in the draft, had a very good debut for the Eagles in their 29–10 victory over the Browns. Wentz was 22 of 37 for 278 yards, and he had two impressive touchdown passes for a 101.0 pass rating. But he and the Eagles beat a Browns team that is basically an expansion team—Cleveland will be lucky to win a couple of games this season. So let's all hold off on Wentz’s coronation for a week or two.

Believe in Dak Prescott: I saw all I needed to from Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott on the second play of the game. The Giants came with a corner blitz, Prescott calmly evaded it and threw a 8-yard comebacker to Dez Bryant. It’s not as easy as he made it look. Prescott’s final stat line was not great (55.6%, 69.4 rating), but no one expected him to have to carry the Dallas offense by throwing 45 times. The Cowboys have to run the ball better to be successful.

Editor’s note: That doesn’t make any sense.

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