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NFL Week 1 Games: An Open Thread

All your information on how to watch the NFL Week 1 games.

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Dave already created an article about the Week 1 television schedule, so I'd feel silly re-writing the entire article, but here's the schedule once again so you know what games to talk about in this open thread after the Eagles game at 1:00.

Bills at Ravens 1:00 PM CBS -- LeSean McCoy and the Bills take on Delaware alum Joe Flacco.

Packers at Jaguars 1:00 PM FOX -- A stud Green Bay team faces off with former future Eagles head coach Gus Bradley.

Chargers at Chiefs 1:00 PM CBS -- Doug Pederson's old team faces off with the San Diego-skirting Chargers.

Raiders at Saints 1:00 PM FOX -- The Raiders (watch out!) face the Saints, who've been bad since Malcolm Jenkins left.

Bears at Texans 1:00 PM FOX -- The Adam Gase-less Bears face Brock Osweiler in his Texans regular season debut.

Browns at Eagles 1:00 PM CBS -- HEYYYYYY.

Vikings at Titans 1:00 PM FOX -- Sam Bradford faces Marcus Mariota DeMarco Murray in Week 1. What a world.

Buccaneers at Falcons 1:00 PM FOX -- Two teams who beat the Eagles last year play football.

Bengals at Jets 1:00 PM CBS -- Marvin Lewis still has a job, even though he has NEVER won a playoff game. Whatever.

Dolphins at Seahawks 4:05 PM CBS -- Former future Eagles HC Adam Gase debuts vs. the Seattle Sheil Kapadias.

Giants at Cowboys 4:25 PM FOX -- NFC EAST FIGHT!

Lions at Colts 4:25 PM FOX -- Two teams with a lot of passing and no defense, should be awful.

Patriots at Cardinals 8:30 PM NBC -- Tom Brady is not playing. Larry Fitzgerald is old. Football!


Note: This is an open thread. Discuss the NFL Week 16 games here in the comment section.

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