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The Linc: Making the best of a Shittu situation

Har har

NFL: Preseason-Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

*James May voice* to the news!

The Shittu that goes on in Eagles preseason games – Daily News

"It was a little tough, especially when I was younger," Shittu said this week. "As I've grown up, it's just kind of rolled off the shoulder. I kind of own it. My Instagram name is @shitrue7 (he wore No. 7 at Stanford), kind of playing off my last name."

Shittu says he isn't sure what the name means in the Yoruba language. A quick internet search suggests it might be the equivalent of "Seth."

"I know there's a long lineage of Shittus out there, just living good in the world," he said.

Could the Cowboys or Vikings trade for Sam Bradford or Chase Daniel? – Philly Voice

Remember when the Eagles had the very same three quarterbacks (or rather Bradford and Daniel, with a Carson Wentz to be named later), and a Bradford-to-the-Broncos deal made sense? That never materialized because the Broncos reportedly felt the Eagles wanted to too much for Bradford, which makes sense, seeing as the Eagles appear determined to win this year.

The Marcus Smith Dilemma: Keep Or Cut? – Birds 24/7

The problem? Schwartz’s scheme is also a significant reason Steven Means, who is possibly Smith’s biggest obstacle to making the 53-man roster, has been even better throughout training camp and the preseason. Means has twice pressured quarterbacks into throwing interceptions, and he’s also recorded a strip-sack.

Eagles’ WRs embracing being one of the youngest groups in modern NFL history - CSN

“It’s crazy,” Matthews said. “My rookie year I was the youngest dude on the whole team. Now, me and Josh are the oldest. It’s kind of different but I like it.

“I like situations where everybody feels like they’ve got to go get it. Where everybody feels like they have to work. When guys get to year nine, year 10, you see that, like, ‘OK, I got this.’ And that works for some people. But me personally? I like rooms where everybody feels like, ‘I’ve got to go get it.’”

Not just for Olympians: Philadelphia Eagles players embrace cupping, too - ESPN

[Huff] estimates that 60 percent of the team cups, including a couple of his fellow wide receivers. Brandon Graham is a fan as well and says he's been using the method for two years.

"While I'm getting a massage, if I've got somewhere tight, she'll loosen it up first and then get on it. Most of the time it's in my back, traps and stuff like that. It just basically loosens up the muscle," said Graham.

Game Review – PS3 – PHI 33, IND 23 – The Defense - Iggles Blitz

Another week, another incredibly good performance by the Eagles defense. They are getting it done every way you can imagine this summer. They are #1 in scoring defense, run defense, and INTs. They are sacking the QB on a regular basis. The defense is tackling well. They are limiting big plays. This is good team defense without a lot of exotic blitzes.

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