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Eagles Practice Notes: Rueben Randle throws a touchdown pass

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Here's what we learned.

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Saturday was the twelfth day of 2016 Eagles training camp practice. Let's get right to the notes.


• Injury update: Too long to list here, so click this link instead.

• The Eagles held a 10-10-10 practice today. Here's a reminder in case you don't know what that means.

In other words, it was a light day. No pads. Only two hours of practice. So expect these notes to be on the lighter side.

• The play of the day had to be when Rueben Randle, yes, Rueben Randle hit Chase Daniel on a wheel route for a touchdown. Perfect throw from Randle and a nice catch by Daniel, too. The defense forgot to account for the quarterback. Between this play and the end arounds that the Eagles have shown in practice, it's clear Doug Pederson isn't afraid to get a little tricky.

• Randle has had a nice camp. I still haven't seen him drop anything. I've also noticed that, on two separate occasions, Pederson has praised Randle first when talking about the receiver position. Seems like the coach likes him.

• An Eagles security lady got taken out by Josh Huff as the receiver tried to dive for a catch that was thrown out of the end zone. The takedown was obviously unintentional, but it was really rough. Thankfully, she was totally fine. In fact, she got up and acted like it was nothing. She wins MVP of the day. Mike Garafolo took a picture with her.


Sam Bradford had a nice connection with Chris Givens deep down the field. Bradford isn't known for his deep ball, but it's not exactly like he had a lot of deep threats last year, either. Maybe the addition of Givens will change that, at least a little?

As mentioned earlier, Daniel leads all quarterbacks in touchdown receptions this camp. Daniel also threw for a deep touchdown to Cayleb Jones.  And then again to a diving Trey Burton, who continues to look awesome.

Nice day for Wentz. I continue to be impressed when he takes off and runs. It's not like he's sprinting down the field for 40 yard gains in Michael Vick fashion, but he just looks so fast when he takes off running. He's definitely a legitimate threat to tuck the ball and run on the read option.

Wentz also shined as a passer. He threw a beauty of a pass to Cedric O'Neal, who beat Deontae Skinner on a wheel route, deep down the field for a touchdown. Wentz hit Paul Turner in the end zone for a touchdown while rolling out to the right during a red zone drill. He threw against his body but he made it work.

• A funny little moment happened during a special teams drill. Donnie Jones kicked the punt and Randle was the returner. Blake Countess was the sole gunner tasked with staying in front of him to prevent the return. Countess did a good job of getting down the field so Randle kept trying to spin/juke to get around him. Countess wasn't giving up, though. I like the attitude the rookie safety has shown in camp. He's flashed in coverage at times and he's not afraid to get physical, either.

T.J. Graham dropped a bullet from Wentz over the middle. Then he got shoved by Mychal Kendricks. When the defense is upset you dropped a pass, you know you've done wrong.

Lane Johnson had a pretty bad false start. Johnson led the Eagles in penalties last season with 11. Seven of those were false starts.

Byron Marshall muffed a punt return.

Up next: The Eagles practice again tomorrow starting at 8:05 AM ET. Stay tuned for more coverage until then.