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Eagles waived/injured defensive tackle, which opens up roster spot

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the Philadelphia Eagles waived/injured undrafted rookie free agent defensive tackle Connor Wujciak on Thursday afternoon. Wujciak underwent season-ending surgery on his shoulder earlier this week.

Wujciak was a long shot to make Philadelphia's final roster, but it's worth noting he was the team's second best rated UDFA prospect. The Eagles also gave Wujciak the third most amount of guaranteed money ($55,000) out of all their UDFA signings.

With Wujciak gone, the Eagles now have an open roster spot. Philadelphia is light on defensive tackle depth so they could look to add another there. Then again, the Birds have a more immediate need at running back due to Ryan Mathews and Wendell Smallwood missing training camp practices due to injury. A few other key Eagles players are dealing with injuries after the first full week of camp.

It shouldn't take too long for the Eagles to fill their roster vacancy. Expect a signing to take place soon.


If the Eagles do sign a running back, don't expect it to be former Philadelphia rusher Matthew Tucker.