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Two NFL players rip Sam Bradford by sarcastically praising him

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Michael Bennett doesn't like Sam Bradford. The Seahawks defensive end has ripped the former No. 1 overall pick multiple times in the past. In 2015, he called Bradford overpaid and mediocre. Less than two months ago, Bennett ripped Bradford for demanding a trade from the Eagles.

But now Bennett is actually saying some nice things about the Eagles quarterback! In a recent interview with ESPN, Michael and his brother Martellus Bennett were asked for their takes on Bradford (and other NFL quarterbacks). Here's what they both had to say.


(Both smirk.)

Michael: "The greatest quarterback in the NFL."

Martellus: "Vicious. Competitive."

Michael: "A real Joe Montana."

Hmmm, it's almost as if they're being sarcastic.

On one hand, I get why Bennett rips Bradford. He's an underachiever who has made a ton of money. Some criticism is warranted. On the other hand, Bradford seems like a pretty chill and nice dude. So it's a little odd.

Bradford and Bennett will have the chance to play against each other when the Eagles play the Seahawks this year in Week 11. The game will take place in Seattle.