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Eagles depth chart: Jalen Mills is reportedly ahead of Eric Rowe

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Jalen Mills hype train is picking up more steam as Eagles training camp chugs along. The rookie seventh round pick is already ahead of Eric Rowe on Philadelphia's depth chart, according to a report from Eliot Shorr-Parks of ESP also reports Mills is the top backup at the cornerback position.

As noted in the report, this doesn't exactly match up with what's been seen on the field during practice so far. Veteran cornerback Leodis McKelvin has always been with the first team. The other starting corner, meanwhile, has either been Ron Brooks or Nolan Carroll. Brooks has also taken the majority of reps at first team nickel cornerback. Therefore, it would seem Brooks or Carroll is the top backup depending on who's starting.

Still, it's not hard to see why the coaching staff could be high on Mills. Doug Pederson named the LSU alumnus as one of two players who really stood out to him during spring practice. Mills made a lot of plays on the ball during OTAs and minicamp, and he's carried that over to training camp so far.

"Doing a great job," said Pederson of Mills. "He's a physical guy, he moves well, he's sharp. He's learning Coach [Jim] Schwartz's system back there and he's putting himself in a position to help us tremendously. I love the work these guys do in shorts and helmets, but sometimes, once you get the pads on, it becomes a different animal."

"Once we get into camp a week or so and the volume starts to increase just a little bit, we'll see exactly where these kids are. But right now I love where he's at. I love his attention to detail, his aggression, and he's making plays."

As for Rowe, we noted last week that both Pederson and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz oddly failed to mention his name when talking about the cornerback situation. Pederson later admitted Rowe had "hiccups" during the spring. Schwartz, meanwhile, downplayed the fact that he didn't originally mention Rowe by name.

It's important to remember it's still early in training camp. As of this post, the Eagles' first preseason game is still over a week away. Evaluations will be made based on how players perform in those games. Besides, Rowe has been coming on a little in practice. He's recorded a few interceptions in the last few days. Mills, meanwhile, was beaten deep multiple times during Philadelphia's open training camp practice on Sunday.

Mills may very well be ahead of Rowe right now. But there's still time for things to change.