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Eagles News: ESPN says Jordan Hicks is one of the NFL's best young players

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/3/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

NFL's top 25 breakout prospects - ESPN In$ider
As with Henry Anderson's knee, Hicks' season-ending pectoral injury preserved his eligibility for this list. Hicks played an immediate role for the Eagles, with the highest run-stop rate among all linebackers on the team last year. Going forward, he projects as a true three-down linebacker. The only question: Can he stay on the field? Hicks lost two seasons at Texas to hip problems and an Achilles injury. This is starting to become a trend, and it's the reason he's a bit lower on this list even though he has top-five talent.

Healthy Hicks Ready For Leadership Role -
"I feel healthy. The pec was a 'great' injury for me," Hicks said. "I was actually out of the sling in a week. Really since a month out, I haven’t had much trouble, much pain in the pec, so honestly I forget that I even tore my pec. It’s been that good of a recovery process. Outside of that, body is feeling awesome. It’s been a good offseason. I put a lot of hard work in and I’m ready to go." The injury derailed a potential Rookie-of-the-Year-type season for Hicks, so the young linebacker is now doing everything he can to prevent something like that from happening again.

Eagles OG Stefen Wisniewski has 'exceeded expectations' - PhillyVoice
After signing with the Eagles in April, Wisniewski was bluntly honest when he said he is looking forward to free agency next season. His hope is to play well this season in Philly, and then cash in on a lucrative deal somewhere, whether that be with the Eagles, or elsewhere. According to Wisniewski, it was his choice to sign a one-year deal.

Chasing Success - Iggles Blitz
Think back to 1998. Who the heck was Jim Johnson? I had heard of him, but certainly didn’t think of him as some defensive wizard that would eventually belong in the same sentence as Buddy Ryan and Bud Carson. Johnson turned out to be the perfect coach for that group. He had a great staff (Tommy Brasher, Ron Rivera, Leslie Frazier, Steve Spagnuolo) and some great talent. When the 2000 season rolled around and the Eagles added Carlos Emmons and Corey Simon to Hugh Douglas, Jeremiah Trotter, Brandon Whiting, Brian Dawkins, Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor and Al Harris, you had a special group of players and coaches for JJ to work with. He did some terrific things from 2000-2008, helping the team to reach 5 NFC titles games and a Super Bowl.

The Most Important Technique In Schwartz’s Scheme - Birds 24/7
On the first play of 11-on-11s, Vinny Curry lined up opposite of Lane Johnson at left defensive end. When the ball was snapped, he moved around the edge so quickly Johnson barely got a hand on him. If defenders were allowed to hit the quarterback, Curry would have surely had a sack, and perhaps even a forced fumble. This happened on Saturday, but Curry — and his teammates — make similar plays every day during training camp. The 28-year-old’s explosiveness is already well-known — that’s a big reason the Eagles signed him to a five-year contract extension worth $47.25 million in February. But through the first week of training camp, and even during OTAs, Curry looks noticeably quicker.

Former Duck could catch on as Eagles LB - Inquirer
Walker's journey wasn't always easy. He suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder during his senior year at Palos Verdes (Calif.) High School and had to sit out the 2011 season as he rehabilitated it. The injury caused him to slip through the four-year- school recruiting net and he played the following season at L.A. Harbor College, earning's attention as the top middle linebacker recruit in the country. Once at Oregon, the 6-foot-2, 236-pound Walker established himself as the starting middle linebacker on a team that would win the Rose Bowl after the 2014 season in a national semifinal. As a senior in 2015, Walker led the Ducks in tackles and forced fumbles, and had both an interception and a fumble recovery that went for touchdowns.

Brandon Graham explains what went wrong under Chip Kelly - The Eagles Wire
Graham was a guest on CSN’s Breakfast On Broad today. He was asked to give his take on what went led to Kelly’s demise. "It was all of the crazy stuff that happened," Graham said. "You have Maclin, you have McCoy,  you have DJacc all gone. I think that is what hurt. Those guys, I mean yeah, there are guys that you have to deal with. It comes with the territory." It seemed like Kelly was not able to deal with some of the outspoken or brash personalities that he inherited and got rid of them. Seeing the team bleed out talent the way the Eagles did was disheartening to the players.

Eagles' Sam Bradford hopes for streamlined play-calling system -
"The goal is just to get it in as quick as possible," Bradford said Monday following practice at the NovaCare Complex. "Obviously The quicker I can call it in the huddle, the more time we have on the play clock, the more time we have to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Whether that's Doug [Pederson], whether that's Frank [Reich], I'd probably have to see both to see what's the difference in the two. For me, it's all about efficiency. For me, the quicker the play comes in the easier it is for everyone to get in the huddle, get the play call and get to the line of scrimmage."

Brian Dawkins reveals shiny secret to Quick Slants crew - CSN Philly
Brian Dawkins is back with the Eagles. He also had a secret to reveal when sitting down with Comcast SportsNet’s Quick Slants crew on Monday. He removed his midnight green bucket hat. Nothing but shininess. A bald Eagle.

Andy Reid had his lookalike stand in for him at a press conference - SB Nation
Not often in life does looking a lot like Andy Reid come with a ton of perks, but Chiefs training camp is a different story.

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