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Eagles News: Josh Huff says his wife helped him get better

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/29/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

How Josh Huff’s Wife Helped Him To Prevent Drops - Birds 24/7
"She was right. I was playing timid. I wasn’t having fun. With her telling me that, I had to make some changes within myself, and I was able to come out here and have fun with my teammates," Huff said. "I think that’s the biggest thing missing for me in the past: Just having fun. I was taking it too much as a business, and that took away from me having fun. "A lot of (my improved play) goes to my wife. She saw that I wasn’t playing like myself and she was able to tell me. I just had her in the back of my head the whole game, and it was fun."

Eagles doing more to get ball into Huff's hands - Daily News
We've been told since the day he arrived in Philadelphia as the Eagles' third-round pick in the 2014 draft that Josh Huff was hell on wheels with the ball in his hands. The only problem has been that, with the exception of his kickoff return chores, the ball hasn't been in his hands all that often. Drafted by his college coach, Chip Kelly, Huff had just eight catches his rookie year and only 27 last season.

Don't Go To The Phones #2: I Wanted Russell Wilson Too -
This week Matt and Trev talk about how results in football overshadow the reality of the process underlying them. We address armchair GMs, draft twitter, GM superheroics, and whether anyone has a good reason for not drafting Russell Wilson. Is there anything to the question of process? Or are results all that matters? We get to the bottom of it. Also, the takes of the week go head to head and we name a champion for the first time ever in the podcast's history.

Eagles might not get anything in Mark Sanchez trade - PhillyVoice
Mark Sanchez continues to find ways to help the Eagles lose.

Eagles Make Some Interesting Cuts - Iggles Blitz
Right now I’m only sure about 4 players at WR – Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, DGB and Josh Huff. I like Paul Turner a lot, but he has physical limitations. I’m okay if they keep him, but there would be a case for putting him on the practice squad. The Eagles could then go with just 4 WRs or they could scan the waiver wire to see if someone of interest gets cut. The Eagles knew they needed WR help and hoped that signing veterans to cheap deals would deliver at least one success. Nope. TJ Graham was cut last week and now Givens and Randle. Signing them was a low risk, so-so reward proposition. It failed, but I’m okay with taking chances like that. You also have to think if DGB wasn’t here that maybe Randle or Givens would have made the roster. Luckily a better option (DGB) came along.

Stephen Tulloch gets feet wet, thinks Eagles could have top-ranked D - CSN Philly
Now that he’s been with the Eagles for a few days and has seen what they have to offer, he thinks this defense should be a very good one. "A lot of talent," Tulloch said. "Like I said, that D-line is special. [Malcolm Jenkins] on the back end, [Rodney McLeod]. There’s a lot of good young talent here and this is perfect for this defense. Guys will fit very well here and this defense should be a top-ranked defense."

Howie Roseman missed on Rueben Randle, Chris Givens -
Randle came to the Eagles as an established player, one that was perhaps the most consistent and accomplished receiver on the team the second he stepped onto it. Givens, while not boasting the resume Randle did, was also a veteran the Eagles were counting on to be a reliable option on a unit filled with young players. His history with quarterback Sam Bradford didn't hurt either. Instead, both Randle and Givens were disappointments in their brief time with the team and are now gone.

Trey Burton Plays His Way Into Offense -
Five targets. Five receptions for 35 yards and a touchdown in Saturday's win over Indianapolis, more proof that tight end Trey Burton is going to have a featured role in the Eagles' offense this season ...

Colin Kaepernick will continue to sit during the national anthem - SB Nation
Kaepernick has the support of the 49ers locker room as he continues his protest.

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