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Eagles News: Dorial Green-Beckham earns praise from coaches and teammates

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/26/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles Wake-Up Call: A ‘Great Opportunity’ Ahead - Birds 24/7
"He’s an impressive, physical specimen, obviously," Frank Reich said. "It’s funny: You stand out there as a coach and they’re running routes on air and sometimes as a coach you stand across from the receivers that are running at you. And when he runs at you, his size and speed, it just kind of grabs you. So [I’m] really excited about having him here. Just like anybody else though, it’s a process. It’s a process and we keep giving them little chunks at a time to allow him to play fast and use his ability."

The Dorial Green-Beckham Experience - Inside The Pylon
Since wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was traded to the Eagles from the Titans last Tuesday, there has been much debate among Philadelphia fans and media about the move. It is not just Green-Beckham’s character issues that have come into question, but his football talents and personal drive have also been major topics of debate. Regardless of these questions, however, if he truly does have the upside potential to be the elite WR he was touted as during the 2015 draft season, then the Eagles made a good buy-low deal in giving away their backup right tackle for his services. The fact is, despite an ongoing narrative that paints the Eagles offensive line as terrible, they improved the unit significantly over the offseason.

Eagles working to have a positive influence on Green-Beckham - Inquirer
"I feel like the whole team accepted me. Since Day 1 everybody was glad that I was here," Green-Beckham said this week. "Everybody accepted me. They treated me like a brother. For me, that's big because then I feel more like this is a family and we all have each other's backs." It's on the Eagles as a whole, as Howie Roseman noted after he dealt for Green-Beckham on Aug. 16, to "rally around" the receiver and give him "a support system." Mikell, DiSandro, and other staffers such as Brian Dawkins, who was recently named football operations executive, will aid Green-Beckham off the field, while Doug Pederson, his coaches, and the players will assist him in the meeting rooms and between the lines.

A look at some players the Eagles could dangle as trade bait - PhillyVoice
If the Eagles can strengthen one of their other positions by parting with one of their defensive ends, that would make sense. The obvious choice would be Smith, who has clearly been a disappointment early in his career in Philadephia. Maybe another team out there liked his traits coming out of college and will think they can coach him up? Or maybe Means has put out enough positive tape of his play in the preseason to coax interest from a 4-3 team in need of additional edge rusher help.

Rueben Randle trying to shake concerns over work ethic - ESPN
"I understand that. But I feel like I get read wrong because I do a lot of things naturally and it doesn’t seem like I’m giving much effort," he said. "If I go out there and make a one-handed catch and make it look effortless, I get praised for it, but if I do all these other things effortlessly, it’s like I’m not giving much effort. It’s just kind of one of those things, you just have to go out there and just make some plays and see how it goes from there."

Game Review – PS2 – PHI 17, PIT 0 – Defense - Iggles Blitz
Marcus Smith – Backup RDE. Played worlds better than I ever would have guessed. Won’t be stealing a starting job any time soon, but is now legitimately fighting for a roster spot. Played the run well. Battled OTs. Had an offside penalty late in the 1st half. Had TFL off the edge early in the 3rd Qtr. Showed an explosive burst late in the 3rd Qtr when he blew by the LT and sacked the QB. Had an impressive play right after that. 3rd/long. Flew off the edge and knocked the LT backward. QB got rid of the ball quickly. Smith turned and hustled downfield in pursuit.

On 'prove-it' deals, have Rueben Randle or Chris Givens proven anything? - CSN Philly
"Well both of them really have come on," head coach Doug Pederson said on Wednesday. "I think with Chris' skill set, a speed guy, he's done a nice job catching the ball this week – as all of them have done. Rueben is kind of the veteran, the savvy guy, the smooth, more of the silky runner. And [they are] really two veteran guys that lead that young receiver group." It will be hard to lead the receiver group if they’re not on the team — and that certainly seems to be a possibility. The Eagles went out and traded for Dorial Green-Beckham, while undrafted rookie Paul Turner has come on strong, fighting for a roster spot.

If Eagles are going to trade, here are some that could work -
There are various reports that Eagles personnel boss Howie Roseman is going to make a few more trades before he finished deciding on the final 53-man roster. A personnel executive for another team confirmed that he had heard the Eagles are willing to talk trade and are seeking help on both sides of the football. Without a first-round pick in next year's draft, it's unlikely Roseman would want to deal away more picks. He's been known to engage in player-for-player transactions however. And may try to pull off a few of those.

Why Saturday Is Such A Big Game -
The score isn't what matters. The depth of the scheme isn't going to be on display. The starters are going to play into the third quarter and, yeah, that's big. But what really matters is roster battles ...

Pagano holding Cromartie out of this weekend’s preseason game - PFT
Cromartie, 32, joined the Colts earlier this week following the news that cornerback Vontae Davis is out until at least October. Despite the fact that the Colts will play this weekend’s preseason game without at least three other injured cornerbacks, Cromartie won’t play.

Tony Romo injured his back after 3 plays and Cowboys wisely refused to let him play through it - SB Nation
It must have felt really good for Cowboys fans to see Tony Romo back in uniform and on the field for a game, a preseason game, but a game nonetheless. Those good feelings lasted for three plays. Three plays. That's when Romo got hit from behind by Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril and went down hard, grabbing his back in pain.

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