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Eagles fans will love the Liberty Podcast app

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You won't regret downloading this.

Have you ever wanted to have access to all of your favorite Philadelphia sports podcasts, such as BGN Radio, in one convenient place? If so, then I have some great news for you. Starting today, you can download the FREE Liberty Podcasts app, available now on iOS (click here) and Android (click here).

What is the Liberty Podcast app, exactly? I'm glad you asked.

Liberty Podcasts, a Philly podcasting network comprised of the seven best local sports podcasts— BGN Radio, Crossing Streams, Sixers Beat, The Stepover Pod, Felske Files, Bar Talk, and Sons of Penn Radio, is proud to announce the launch of its mobile app, available for FREE on iOS and Android. The app removes the friction for Philly sports fans to find great, high-quality podcasts, by putting them all into one easy-to-use app.

"We believe many potential podcast listeners are put off by what they view as a somewhat convoluted process of finding a good podcast app, finding a show that interests them, obtaining its feed address, and then deciding whether or not to subscribe to it," Crossing Broad’s Kyle Scott, a Liberty Podcasts co-founder, said. "Our intent is to simplify things and remove discovery entirely from the process, providing listeners with one app containing only the best Philly sports podcasts which have been carefully vetted. We believe niche-based listening experiences are the future of podcasting, and we’re thrilled to be the first to try anything like this when it comes to sports."

"I’m thrilled to be working and partnered with the absolute best Philly sports podcasts," radio host John Barchard, also a Liberty Podcasts co-founder, said. "We have some of the most talented writers and podcasters, experts in their respective subject matters, all working together, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where it goes."

At launch, the Liberty Podcasts app will consist of seven popular local podcasts, all with their own passionate followings. BGN Radio, hosted by John Barchard, is the Eagles podcast for all Eagles fans. It amassed a large audience over the last few years and broadcasts some of its episodes live on local radio. This year, BGN Radio will do a weekly show on 94.1 SportsRadio WIP that will also be available as part of the podcast feed. Crossing Steams is’s podcast, hosted by site editor Kyle Scott. Crossing Streams is known for its conversational interviews with guests such as Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil, Sixers head coach Brett Brown, and Villanova head coach Jay Wright, along with agents, directors, comedians and more. Sixers Beat is a Sixers podcast hosted by Philly Mag writer and Sixers guru Derek Bodner. Focusing on smart, intelligent Sixers analysis, Sixers Beat is the podcast for the hardcore Sixers fan to listen to intelligent conversation. The Stepover Pod is co-hosted by’s Jim Adair along with former Sixers digital coordinator and current Complex writer Max Rappaport. It, too, focuses on smart commentary, but also on some of the more frivolous aspects of Sixers fandom and listener interaction. The Felske Files is a Phillies-centric weekly podcast hosted by radio host and baseball writer for SB Nation's "The Good Phight" and, John Stolnis. Every week John talks to Phillies insiders and beat writers for the latest news on the team from the inside. Bar Talk is a craft beer focused podcast hosted by longtime WIP host Glen Macnow and beer critic Don Russell, who wrote as Joe Sixpack in the Daily News for decades. And Sons of Penn Radio is Philly’s premiere hockey podcast. The city’s best, and most opinionated fanalysts, number crunchers, beat writers and hockey personalities discuss, debate and dissect the Flyers.

Listers can download the iOS app in the app store using this link, and in the Google Play store using this link, or by searching for "Liberty Podcasts."

So what are you waiting for? Go download it today.