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Eagles News: Dolphins fans are already frustrated with Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/22/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

(Kiko Alonso is No. 47 and Byron Maxwell is No. 41)

Eagles undrafted rookie Dillon Gordon has some similarities to Jason Peters - PhillyVoice
The Eagles brought a similar project aboard this offseason, when they signed former LSU tight end Dillon Gordon, and moved him to offensive tackle. Gordon is listed at 6'4, 322, although he says he's closer to 310. Since Gordon's arrival, Peters has been a mentor. "We have very similar backgrounds, playing tight end in the SEC, switching to offensive line in the league, and he also tore his Achilles like I tore my Achilles," said Gordon. "He really took me under his wing from the very beginning. He’s just been teaching me things every day just to better my game. I’m just taking it all in, trying to learn from the best."

One Man’s Trash - Iggles Blitz
We’re getting to that time of the year when there will be a lot of cuts, including some big names. Many fans will see news of a cut and instinctively think "Let’s go get that guy!" That is completely understandable. For some reason, we always want players from other teams. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, as the old saying goes. Players get cut for a reason. Take CB Keenan Lewis for instance. I saw the Saints cut him and was surprised. They have been awful on defense in recent years. How could they cut a solid starting CB? Lewis says defensive coordinator Dennis Allen doesn’t like him. Sean Payton says that’s not true and the issue is simply health. Lewis missed 10 games last year. He has only practiced once this summer and might not be ready to get on the field for another couple of weeks. The Saints don’t trust him to stay healthy so they let him go.

Is Pederson sending right messages on problem players? - Inquirer
But the head coach needs to lay the groundwork. And it's difficult to say where Pederson has drawn his lines. During his first training camp, Reid, famously, had George Hegamin stay after practice and drive a blocking sled as punishment for skipping a team meeting. He rode the sled and barked commands as the guard pushed it. Hegamin was cut the next day. Pederson has seemingly taken the opposite approach - one more hands-off. When Nelson Agholor was accused of sexual assault in June, the coach said he hadn't spoken to the receiver as of the start of camp in late July. Agholor was eventually cleared, but Pederson's response to the player's putting himself in that situation was that "we all make mistakes."

Undrafted WR Paul Turner lets his game speak for itself during impressive preseason - CSN Philly
Good luck trying to get Paul Turner to talk about himself. Not just with the media. With his teammates, too. "He’ll make a big play, he’ll act like it didn’t even happen," Jordan Matthews said with a laugh. "He just goes right back to the huddle." Turner, a quiet, humble undrafted rookie wide receiver from Louisiana Tech, has been opening eyes both in practice and in the preseason games with his playmaking ability. In an underachieving wide receiver group, he’s really stood out.

Is Eagles' Mychal Kendricks in trouble? -
Although Hicks is the team's starting middle linebacker right now, the Eagles and Schwartz very well could decide to slide Hicks over to the weak side, a position that better fits his skill set -- and build -- as opposed to a middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense. With Hicks on the weak side, the Eagles could start Hicks, Tulloch and Nigel Bradham -- the last two of which were Schwartz's players from his days prior to coming to the Eagles.

Preseason Enters Critical Homestretch -
There are games around the league Thursday and then the following Saturday. Cuts from 84 players to 75 happen next Tuesday and the roster is pared to 53 on September 3. Meanwhile, the waiver wire is buzzing, veterans are still on the streets hoping to sign and the trade market heats up ...

NFC East Roundup: Redskins Running Back Hurt - Birds 24/7
Week two of the preseason is over, and with that, let’s take a spin around the NFC East to see what’s going on in the division.

On Denver, Los Angeles and Chicken-Bleep Hindsight - The MMQB
Every one of Siemian’s answers was like that. Not politically correct … just correct. What Kubiak has to determine in the next two weeks is whether he wants a mistake-prone quarterback (Sanchez) or a rookie quarterback (Lynch) or an inexperienced guy who’s made one major error this preseason (Siemian) to take the snap opening night. Not a big deal, really. But Kubiak is a stage-setter. So this is a big deal. My money is on Siemian.

Fantasy Football Draft Guide - SB Nation
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