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Eagles News: Jason Kelce throws shade at DeMarco Murray

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/2/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles center Jason Kelce takes a shot at DeMarco Murray - PhillyVoice
Monday afternoon, Eagles center Jason Kelce was a guest on 94.1 WIP, and he couldn't help but take a shot at former teammate DeMarco Murray, who was traded this offseason to the Tennessee Titans. Speaking about the declining production in the Eagles' run game last season, Kelce put blame on himself, the scheme, the offensive line as a whole, and finally, Murray. "I don't think necessarily we had the best back that we had a few years ago either," said Kelce.  It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that Kelce was criticizing Murray and perhaps giving former teammate LeSean McCoy a compliment.

Doug Pederson still follows Andy Reid's blueprint - Inquirer
It's not Pederson's fault he spent his entire coaching career and most of his playing career in one system. But it should have concerned Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. And it should worry him that Pederson hasn't diverted an inch from Reid's schedule or that he hasn't yet realized the play-calling inefficiencies. There can be too much change for change's sake. Chip Kelly was an innovator, and his practices were as organized as any. But there was an element of showing off to his sessions. Did having five quarterbacks throw at once really improve their ability to win games on Sundays? Did the breakneck pace really benefit the players?

Practice Thoughts - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles had long practices over the weekend. They were a bit shorter today. Doug Pederson wants to push his players, but is also trying to be smart and not push too much. You need the team both healthy and ready to go when September rolls around. That can be a tough balancing act for a coach. Andy Reid worked his teams hard in Training Camp. Whether that had anything to do with some slow starts is hard to say. One interesting development is Chris Givens getting some time with the starting receivers (Nelson Agholor outside and Jordan Matthews in the slot). Josh Huff has gotten a lot of time with the starters. Was Givens put there for a reason or is this just the coaches experimenting with different looks?

Lawlor: Which Players Are In No Man's Land? -
Training Camp is important to different players for different reasons. Veterans usually feel confident in having a job so they use camp to hone their game. Rookies are simply trying to get used to life in the NFL. They also feel the need to impress the coaches, in hopes of winning a starting job or at least getting some playing time. Some players, we'll call them young veterans, are in No Man's Land. They aren't rookies, who might have two or three years to develop. They aren't proven veterans who can point to a strong track record as proof of what they can do. For these players, the pressure is real. Let's talk about some of these players for the 2016 Eagles.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Ertz’s Elusive Breakout Year - Birds 24/7
Zach Ertz rolled his eyes and sighed, slightly irritated by yet another question about “breaking out.” Do you think you’ll finally do so this year? What’s held you back in the past? What would that mean to you? “Going to the playoffs? I don’t know. Y’all define that,” Ertz said. “I mean, I go out there and do the best I can each and every day. I’m not focused on ‘breaking out,’ I’m focused on being the best I can for my teammates. Catching as many balls [and] making as many good blocks as I possibly can.”

With new WR coach, Josh Huff using training camp to work on inconsistency issues - CSN Philly
“I beat myself up day in and day out for the plays I don’t make. But I can’t let myself do that. Because if I continue to think about the plays I don’t make, I’m going to continue to think about it and not make the next play. “So I’ve got to know what I did wrong, know what I did right, and move on. Dwell on it for three seconds and then forget about it.” Huff, a third-round Chip Kelly pick out of Oregon in 2014, caught just eight passes for 98 yards as a rookie and had 27 catches for 312 yards with three touchdowns last year. He knows it’s not good enough. He knows unless he catches the ball consistently he won’t be here.

Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks responds to criticism from former coach Billy Davis -
"I think there's some truth to what he said. I think I do play better when I don't have to control the entire defense,'' Kendricks said. "I was also hurt. I wasn't able to be as effective as I was in 2013 and 2014. I mean everyone has strengths, everyone has weaknesses. I'm a leader in so many different ways, other than just controlling the field.''

The NFL is in the era of the slot receiver - SB Nation
Currently, Jarvis Landry, who set the Dolphins’ single-season reception record last season, and Jordan Matthews, who led the league with 81 receptions from the slot in 2015 for the Eagles, appear to be unstoppable. But given the demands of the position, they may not be able to continue their production for a lengthy period of time.

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