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Eagles fans overwhelmingly approve of the Dorial Green-Beckham trade

Eagles fans found something they can agree on.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Do Philadelphia Eagles fans approve of the Dorial Green-Beckham trade? That's the question we posed in our poll from yesterday and the results are in. To no surprise, Eagles fans believe the team made a good deal by shipping out Dennis Kelly in order to bring in a new wide receiver.

Taking it a step further, here's a look at how Eagles fans graded the trade.

Now that we know how Eagles fans feel, let's take a look at the other side of the trade. Check out these poll results from the perspective of Tennessee Titans fans.

It's surprising to see the vote so close to 50-50. The Titans spent the No. 40 overall pick on DGB just one year ago and now he's gone in exchange for a replacement level backup offensive lineman. Getting pennies on the dollar may have been better than getting nothing for DGB if the Titans were going to cut him anyway, but Tennessee hardly got great value for him.

And that brings us back to why this deal is seen so favorably for the Eagles. Even if DGB is a total bust, it's not likely the Birds will be kicking themselves for getting rid of Kelly. For Philadelphia, it was an easy risk to take.

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