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Eagles Training Camp 2016 Update: No more practice notes

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The season is getting closer.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Tuesday, Aug. 16 was the last day of 2016 Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice fully open to the media. This means there will be no more practice notes from here on out. Sad, I know.

From now through the end of the season, media will only be permitted to watch the first 20 minutes of practice. What this means is that the media will only basically be allowed to watch the players warm up and go through some position drills. No more updates on team drills (7-on-7, 11-on-11, etc.), which take place later in practice.

Now seems like a good time to thank you for following along with BGN's coverage of 2016 Eagles training camp. You can find all of my training camp reports here. I hope you enjoyed it. It always goes by so fast. We're already almost halfway through the preseason schedule. The Eagles are set to play their second preseason game tomorrow on Thursday, Aug. 18.

I'll still be posting live update threads as I see fit. Keep an eye out for those. As always, thanks again for choosing BGN.