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Eagles News: Grading the Dorial Green-Beckham trade

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/17 /16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles earn C+ for Dorial Green-Beckham trade - PFF
If there’s a winner in this trade, it has to be Philadelphia. Kelly has had more time on the field to prove himself, for better or worse, and what he has shown has not been good. Last season in just 402 snaps, he allowed five sacks, one hit, and 21 hurries bouncing between guard and tackle, and even though the Eagles are low on O-line depth, they’re pretty desperate for receiver help, as well. Green-Beckham may not have shown much last season to suggest that he can be the guy to lift this corps, but he is only a year removed from being a highly-touted prospect. He has size and the ability to run past people, and all of the physical attributes that you can’t teach. Even last season in what was seen as a disappointing rookie campaign, he caught four touchdowns for 549 yards and averaged 17.2 yards per reception, forcing five missed tackles on 32 catches.

Eagles training camp notes, Day 18: If the Eagles' beat writers fielded a football team... - PhillyVoice
LT: Brandon Gowton, Bleeding Green Nation: Brandon is 6'9, and he has a basketball background, so I like his combination of athleticism and arm length.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: How Wentz Will Still Develop - Birds 24/7
Carson Wentz‘s debut against Tampa Bay last Thursday provided some bright spots to look forward to in the future. "We saw the great athleticism that he has," Frank Reich said. "You could see it wasn’t too big for him. A lot of good moves from Carson." But after suffering a hairline fracture in his ribs, that athleticism will have to be put on hold for a few weeks. He will miss valuable reps during practice, and he’ll potentially miss the rest of the preseason games. But that doesn’t mean his development will come to a halt. According to Reich, Wentz will continue to grow because of the mental reps the rookie quarterback will get.

Eagles: "Eyes Open" With Green-Beckham -
Let’s make this very clear: The Eagles acquired wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham knowing full well his history on and off the field. They understand the very public comments made about him questioning his work ethic and they did the deal that sent offensive lineman Dennis Kelly to Tennessee with their "eyes open," said Howie Roseman on Tuesday ...

Time for Eagles receivers to step it up - Inquirer
The trade for Dorial Green-Beckham has possible upside for the Eagles, who gave up little in return, and for the receiver, who was likely to be released after falling out of favor with the Titans. But there is the potential for greater downside because of what the deal suggests about the state of the Eagles receivers, in particular one former first-round pick. Howie Roseman said the team had been in the market for receivers for weeks, but it was no coincidence that Tuesday's swap came on the heels of Thursday's preseason opener. The receivers, without the injured Jordan Matthews, were ineffective, to put it kindly. There were at least four drops, and 11 receivers caught only 10 of 21 targets for 52 yards.

Eagles confident enough in O-line depth to part with Dennis Kelly - CSN Philly
The start of Dorial Green-Beckham’s Eagles career meant the end of Dennis Kelly’s Eagles career. And while a late-round offensive lineman like Kelly may not move the meter very much among Eagles fans -- not like a potential big-play wide receiver like Green-Beckham -- Jason Kelce said Kelly is a significant loss to the Eagles’ offensive line. "I really think Dennis was very underrated," Kelce said Tuesday. "He’s a big, strong, tough guy, and every time he played, he did a very good job for us, at a variety of positions. "He’s a very smart player, and I think his athleticism was definitely underrated."

Do the Eagles have another trade on the horizon? -
One thing Eagles' personnel boss Howie Roseman does is trade. From 2010 to 2014 when Roseman had the title of general manager the Eagles made 35 trades. And 10 were player for player trades which, outside of the NovaCare Complex, are extremely rare in the NFL. Roseman, who traded the Eagles from No. 13 to No. 2 in the NFL Draft back in April, did it again when he sent Kelly to the land of the Grand Ole Opry for Green-Beckham. Now can he find a tackle to pry loose from another team, and if he can what can he use as trade bait?

Ginger Genuine Draft #2: SEC Preview - Offense -
Ben Natan is back for the other half of the SEC preview and this time he's on the offensive side of the ball. Fournette, Dobbs, Michel, Chubb and more!

Jaylen Watkins finds a role as safety in third year with Eagles - MCall
Sometimes it takes until a player's third year to find his true niche in the NFL. Jaylen Watkins apparently fits that description. Not only has he bounced around from safety to cornerback for the better part of two seasons, but from team to team. Drafted in 2014, Watkins didn't make the Philadelphia Eagles last year, but he was brought back from the Buffalo Bills practice squad later in the season. Still, his identity was unknown. Until this summer, that is.

Mularkey: Trade about need, not about giving up on DGB - PFT
Titans coach Mike Mularkey told reporters Tuesday that the decision to trade second-year wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham to the Eagles was about need and was not about the team giving up on Green-Beckham 15 months after drafting him. Mularkey said the Titans were comfortable with their wide receiver group and thought the best move for their roster was to make the trade for offensive lineman Dennis Kelly.

Jalen Mills adjusting to NFL life with the Philadelphia Eagles - The Advocate
"Aside from (quarterback Carson) Wentz, Mills looks to be a real steal (for the Eagles)," said one locally based NFL insider who wished to remain anonymous. "He’s adapted well and looks like a veteran in camp. He has all the tools that can help the club."

Von Miller's whirlwind summer as the NFL's busiest, most interesting man -
Afterward, on the way to a second signing session, hail the size of golf balls bounces off Miller’s ride as his phone pings with a news alert: Fletcher Cox, the Eagles’ well-regarded defensive tackle, has completed a six-year, $102.6 million extension, with up to $63.3 million guaranteed. Miller’s face drops. He strays from his talking points, shifting away from his perpetual positivity. "He went to, what, one Pro Bowl?" Miller whispers, adding, "I’m not hating" for good measure. He flips through his phone, stewing as he studies the details of another contract that isn’t his. He receives a text message from one of Cox’s agents: "You’re going to f------ love me." And it’s true, Cox’s deal has upped the market for the league’s best defensive players. "I guess I’m not on that level, huh?" Miller asks. "I just won a Super Bowl. . . . But it’s cool."

Pat McAfee’s random drug tests aren’t random - SB Nation
Colts punter Pat McAfee seems to get hit with a lot of random drug tests from the NFL, leading us to believe the tests aren’t really random at all. McAfee tweeted Monday that, after a 67-yard punt in preseason action against the Buffalo Bills, he arrived at the Colts’ facility Monday morning and was greeted by a drug test notice in his locker.

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