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Do the Dallas Cowboys have a quarterback controversy?

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Do the Cowboys have a QB controversy?

NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams
Dak Prescott dazzled in prime time.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 of the preseason is in the books and now we have more questions than answers for every team in the NFC East. And we had a lot of questions. Now we have even more! there are QB controversies, internal conflicts and futures in doubt. Typical week in the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)

Last week: Who cares, it was a preseason game.

This week: At Pittsburgh, 7pm Thursday on NFL Network

Question that was answered: Turns out that Doug Pederson did let Carson Wentz play. It was a terrible decision. Wentz suffered a hairline fracture of his ribs and will miss as many as two (2) preseason games, setting the clock back on his development an unknown number of years. Might as well just skip this season.

Question that needs answering: What the hell was Doug Pederson thinking? Why would he play a guy who needs to develop in a meaningless game? Preseason games aren’t the time for development. Unconscionable decision.

Or maybe Pederson is one unnecessary, counterintuitive risk away from making the whole organization learn the hard way.

Exactly! Fire him now. Promote Brian Dawkins again.

New York Giants (0-1)

Last week: Who cares, it was a preseason game.

This week: At Buffalo, 4pm Saturday on NFL Network

Question that was answered: Last week we wondered if any Giants running back could get just 30 yards. Two of them did, with Andre Williams getting 41 yards on just 9 carries and Paul Perkins getting 36 on 7. Save it for the regular season guys.

Question that needs answering: Will Victor Cruz ever play again? Cruz hasn’t played a full or good season since 2012 and hasn’t played since tearing his patellar tendon in Week 6 of the 2014 season. Cruz has spent most of training camp on the sidelines nursing injuries. Concern, much like a knee, is swelling around Cruz’s future.

“Victor and I had a nice conversation yesterday afternoon, and we talked about some different things that may be able to help … I’ll let him share that, I’m not gonna share that,” McAdoo said, almost mysteriously. “I’ll keep our conversation private.”

Presumably Cruz was glad that Giants treatment, no longer under the eye of Tom Coughlin, now involves actual medicine and not leeches.

Washington Redskins (0-1)

Last week: Who cares, it was a preseason game.

This week: vs New York Jets, Friday

Question that was answered: Jay Gruden did not play defensive back last week, but maybe he should have because the Redskins secondary needs a lot of help. Aldrick Robinson, who was cut by Gruden during the 2014 season and wasn’t on a roster last season, caught 3 passes for 118 yards against the Redskins.

Question that needs answering: Will Kendal Thompson emotionally collapse on the field in a moment of self awareness?

When he was growing up, Kendal Thompson and his family attended religious ceremonies and powwows, weekendlong celebrations complete with fireworks and stories of his ancestors. He went through a naming ceremony a year ago, which is why he’s also known as Little Wolf. And he's had his mom perform a ritual in which she fans him with smoke, which is meant to protect him from danger or relieve turmoil while reminding him of the past.

Thompson is one-quarter Native American, but he's fully committed to his heritage as part of the Kiowa tribe.

“I try to wear it on my sleeve,” Thompson said.

Huh. Your family must be so proud that you wear your Native American roots on your sleeve and a symbol of racism and oppression of Native Americans on your head.

Dallas Cowboys (0-1)

Last week: Who cares, it was a preseason game.

This week: vs Miami, 8pm Friday on NFL Network

Question that was answered: The Cowboys offensive line didn’t get any QBs injured, but maybe it should have because now we have a QB controversy on our hands!

Question that needs answering: Who will be the opening day starter for the Cowboys? Sure, it’s Thicc Romo’s job to lose, but all indications are that he is losing it. Romo sat out last week’s game against the Los Angeles 79ers, and you can’t make the club in the tub. Instead Dak Prescott put on a clinic, going 10 for 12 and throwing 2 TDs. Prescott’s performance was so impressive that it inspired Chris Brown of SmartFootball to write his first post since March.

Dallas Cowboys rookie Dak Prescott had about as good of a preseason debut as any rookie could ask for: Prescott finished the game 10 of 12 for 139 yards and two touchdowns, including a perfect strike to receiver Terrance Williams down the sideline. But as impressive as that throw was, Prescott’s most impressive trait was his calm and poise: In an opening weekend when higher profile rookie QBs like Jared Goff and Carson Wentz looked at times shaky and off-kilter, Prescott looked like a vet.

Folk’s,,, we have ourselves a QB controversy in Dallas.