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Eagles News: Lane Johnson says he told the team about his potential suspension weeks ago

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/16/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

What's going on with Lane Johnson, Doug Pederson and Eagles? -
Speaking on Aug. 13, Johnson told reporters the past "couple weeks" have been tough, knowing a suspension was coming. To be conservative, let's say Johnson found out two weeks ago — which would be roughly July 30. After practice on Monday, Johnson clarified to NJ Advance Media that he told the Eagles about the impending suspension on the day he received the letter, which was two weeks ago, or around July 30. Head coach Doug Pederson, however, told reporters Aug. 12 that he found out about the suspension "just like you guys (the media) heard it," which was Aug. 8 — and nearly two weeks after Johnson found out. It is possible that Johnson is lying about telling the Eagles when he found out. It is also possible that Pederson, for some reason, would lie about how and when he found out about the suspension.

Lane Johnson trusted phone app; common sense would have been better - Inquirer
"The NFLPA is here to stand up for players and I feel like what's the purpose of even having the app and giving it to the players if it does nothing," Johnson said Monday. "There's no purpose for it." But Johnson, who faces a 10-day suspension after failing an initial test, needs to also look in the mirror. He is ultimately responsible for whatever he puts in his body. And after having already been disciplined for a first infraction two years ago, he needed to be extra cautious. He didn't have to go to the extreme of not taking supplements - as he said he would do from now on - but there are measures in place to protect him.

Eagles training camp notes, Day 17: Some thoughts on the offensive line - PhillyVoice
With Barbre sliding out to RT, the two obvious candidates to fill in at LG are Stefen Wisniewski and Isaac Seumalo. There is no justifiable way anyone can say that Seumalo has had a better camp than Wisniewski. However, if the Eagles were to go with Seumalo, it just make some sense in the long-term. Wisniewski admitted bluntly that he was playing this season for his next contract, and is probably little more than a one-year band-aid, while the team hopes that Seumalo can eventually be a long-term starter. For a team that isn't realisitically going to compete for a Super Bowl this season, if there isn't a wide gap between Wisniewski and Seumalo, maybe you just let the rookie take his lumps for one season?

Game Review – PS# 1 – PHI 17, TB 9 – The Offense - Iggles Blitz
Sam Bradford – Had Ertz wide open for a first down (possibly a TD), but instead dumped the ball short on his only pass.

Carson Wentz’s Preseason Debut - Inside The Pylon
One of the most important traits for a QB is his ability to work within the structure of a play. Great athleticism, improvisation, and the ability to break the pocket and throw on the run are all very important traits. Without the ability to operate and win within the play design, though, the chances of any consistent success are slim. In the play below from Thursday, the Eagles have a 1st and 10 at their own 34-yard line. Wentz is under center with 11 personnel on the field in a 3X1 alignment and slot formation to the wide side of the field. The Buccaneers are in a 4-2-5 nickel personnel with two deep safeties and six men in the box. The boundary and slot cornerbacks are in press alignment, while the corner to the wide side of the field is playing off coverage and Wentz takes note of this.

Lawlor: Pleasant Surprises From The Opener -
Wentz proved to be exactly what the Eagles expected - a very talented, but also very raw player. He showed a strong arm. He threw some very accurate passes. Wentz used his mobility to gain yards up the field, but also to avoid rushers in the backfield. The Eagles haven't had a young quarterback with this kind of athleticism and ability since Donovan McNabb. Wentz showed mental and physical toughness. He stood tall in the pocket, even when rushers were bearing down on him. Teammates will respect the heck out of a quarterback who takes a beating, but keeps getting up and doesn't complain.

Don't Go To The Phones #1: GMs Are Good Because I Talk To Them -
It's the debut of Don't Go To The Phones with Matt Dering & Trevor Strunk! Each week DGTTP will dive into world of the sports takes and try to keep our head level. We start this week with accessibility and GM fandom.

Fighting for a spot is nothing new to Eagles WR Paul Turner - EaglesWire
The class that came in with Turner also included future NFL wide receivers Jarvis Landry (Miami Dolphins) and Odell Beckham Jr. (New York Giants). “We all came in the same year. It was really tough,” Turner said after practice on Monday. “It was difficult coming in and transitioning to a new position. It was good having guys like Jarvis[Landry], Odell[Beckham Jr.] and Russell Shepard there and taking me under their wings to show me how to get in and out of my routes, just how to play receiver.”

Under Doug Pederson, much should change for Eagles — except special teams - CSN Philly
The offense will huddle. The defense is back to a 4-3. The Eagles' special teams ... should remain the same. Oftentimes when a new head coach comes in, he’ll bring in an entirely new coaching staff, replacing most, if not all, of the coordinators. But Doug Pederson chose to keep Dave Fipp around, and for good reason.  “[Pederson] still lets Fipp do what Fipp’s done for the last three or four years,” special teams stalwart Trey Burton said Monday. “I don’t think anything has changed.”

Rookie quarterbacks headline preseason All-Stars - SB Nation
These are the 14 best players from the preseason so far. Some of them you’re heard of, some of them you’ll probably never hear of again.

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