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Eagles News: NFL power rankings have Philadelphia in the bottom 10

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/11/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

NFL Preseason Power Rankings: Jets blast off, Steelers plunge -
26) Some major offseason Kool-Aid drinking in this Eagles record-prediction video from Heath Evans and a certain analyst we refuse to name. Not sure if our forecasted finish of 10-6 is attainable in 2016. It's certainly not if receiver Jordan Matthews (who isn't healthy) displays inconsistent hands and running back Ryan Mathews is inconsistently on the field. New coach Doug Pederson needs those guys. It looks like Pederson won't have Lane Johnson for the first 10 games of the season, as the starting right tackle is facing another PED suspension. Tell me Eagles fans didn't take a small measure of pride in a preseason game being cancelled because of the quality of the field. At least Canton had no rats. Only at the Vet, babe.

How Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos turned unthinkable misery into pure magic - PhillyVoice
The time is fragmented in his mind. There are the little pieces here and there that he can paste together, though not much. Jon Dorenbos squints up at the sun after a recent Eagles practice, because after all of these years, that time — when he looked down at his shuffling feet, gripped by a nervous tension and fear of even looking up — has become hazy and dull. It was a time when he summoned the courage to peer through the inch-thick Plexiglas at the Walla Walla State Penitentiary, in Washington, separating his big, brown doe eyes from the cold, black stare belonging to his mother’s killer. Dorenbos tried to suppress the nauseating emotion that was stirring within him. Everything that he believed in was gone. Everything that once made him feel safe was gone. There was confusion. There was disbelief. There was betrayal. There was a visceral gut-tug hurt.

Lawlor: What Do We Know? -
Carson Wentz has shown the talent that got him selected second overall in the draft. At the same time, he's also played like a rookie in certain scenarios. You can live with those mistakes, as long as Wentz learns from them. There really are two keys with rookie quarterbacks. First, you want to see the talent. Wentz has made sensational throws. He has shown a strong, accurate arm. He has made some highlight plays with his feet. There is no denying his raw talent. You also want a rookie to show progress. That means he can take coaching and then translate that into on-field success. Quarterback coach John DeFilippo said that Wentz is not a "repeat offender". When the coaches correct a mistake, Wentz doesn't repeat the mistake the next day. He learns from the situation and listens to what the coaches are teaching him. Wentz may not be ready to play (in real games) yet, but he is everything the Eagles expected and hoped for.

Twitter Mailbag: Understanding the Johnson Situation - Birds 24/7
Sounds like the answer depends on 1) the strength of evidence, 2) the arbitrators’ interpretation of this language and 3) precedent. Ian Rapoport reports that Johnson plans to appeal, but to be clear, we’re not there yet. As of this morning, Johnson had not been suspended. If in fact it does go that way, it could be a while until Johnson’s fate is decided.

Brookover: Rowe's 2nd preseason 'definitely not easy' -
If Chip Kelly had remained as the head coach, Rowe probably would have shown up to this year's training camp as a starting cornerback. Instead, Doug Pederson took over as head coach, and Schwartz became the defensive coordinator. For Rowe, it is like being a rookie all over again. New scheme, new set of eyes examining his work and a new young cornerback (Jalen Mills) to compete against in addition to the veterans ahead of him. Pederson said Monday that Mills is ahead of Rowe on the depth chart.

Eagles' rookie RB Byron Marshall could shine vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
"I want them to see that I'm a ballplayer ... I'll make a big run. I'll make people miss. I want them to see I know the protections well enough to stay in there and block. I can catch the football coming out of the backfield. I just want to make my impact."

Don't tell Eagles punter Donnie Jones he's getting old - CSN Philly
The youngest player on the Eagles’ roster, linebacker Don Cherry, was born on Sept. 27, 1994. The oldest likely went to high school that day. Donnie Jones was 14 then. Now, after turning 36 last month, he is entering his 13th NFL season. And last year might have been his best yet. So, sure, Jones is closer in age to his head coach than to his youngest teammate, but the veteran punter says he wants to keep playing as long as he can."I sure don’t feel 36," Jones said Monday. "I know a lot of people see that [age] in the NFL and think, ‘He may only have one or two years left.’ Well, I say that’s a bunch of BS. "Play as long as you want if you take care of yourself, keep being productive. And I’m going to continue to do it as long as I can."

Why Your Team Sucks 2016: Philadelphia Eagles - Deadspin
If you go strictly by wins and losses (never do this), it seems pretty rash of the Eagles to s***can Chip Kelly, who won 20 games in his first two seasons, after just one mediocre season. Oh, but "7-9" gives such short shrift to the way this team spent a whole season planting dynamite inside its own a*******. You could see it coming from a mile away when Jeffrey Lurie gave Kelly all the power and Kelly subsequently came down with a form of deranged powermadness that has only been surpassed by the Trump campaign in its sheer audacity. He traded for Sam Bradford (18 turnovers), and then shelled out enormous contracts to DeMarco Murray (3.6 yards per carry) and Byron Maxwell (still being picked out of Julio Jones’s cleats). And those were just the bad football moves. Off the field, Kelly became Miami Saban 2.0, f***ng f***ng up Christmas parties and trashing scouting reports and installing glory hole cameras in the team showers, probably. LeSean McCoy hated him so f***ing much that he feuded with him for the whole season despite not even being an Eagle anymore.

NFL Fan Base Rankings: Cowboys beat out Steelers, Packers fans for top spot - CBS Sports
As a member of the media, I'm contractually obligated to mention the time that Eagles fans booed Santa. We're not going to hold that against them though because sometimes Santa deserves to be booed, and also, that booing incident happened almost 50 years ago. We could also bring up the time they cheered after Michael Irvin suffered a serious injury or the time time that an Eagles fan stole a prosthetic leg from a homeless guy, but there's no need to. Our panel has spoken and our panel says the Eagles have the 10th-best fan base in the NFL.

SEC Charges Former Professional Football Player With Running $10 Million Fraud -
The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Merrill Robertson Jr., a former player for the Philadelphia Eagles, with defrauding investors, including coaches he knew from his time playing football for the Fork Union Military Academy and the University of Virginia. The SEC’s complaint, filed in federal court in Richmond, Virginia, charges Robertson, Sherman C. Vaughn Jr., and the company they co-owned, Cavalier Union Investments LLC.  According to the complaint, the defendants promised to invest in diversified holdings but diverted nearly $6 million of the more than $10 million they raised from investors to pay for personal expenses and used other funds to repay earlier investors.

Fans who missed Hall of Fame Game plan to sue the NFL - SB Nation
The NFL "has a history of being cheap with its fans," according to an attorney representing a group planning to sue the league.

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