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Brent Celek went undercover as a Wawa employee and almost no one realized it was him (VIDEO)

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This is pretty good.

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek recently teamed up with the folks at Whistle Sports to go undercover as a Wawa store associate. Despite not wearing an elaborate disguise, the true identity of the 6-4, 255 pound employee seemed to go relatively unnoticed. Watch the entire clip of Celek in the video above.

On one hand, I think Celek sort of has a generic look to him, so I don't blame people for not realizing it right away. On the other hand, people should probably realize this muscly dude isn't just an average employee. (No offense, Wawa workers, I love you.) Not to mention Celek is very involved in Philly. He owns multiple restaurants in the city and he's very fan-friendly. Oh, and then there's the fact he's one of the longest tenured players on the team. Celek has been an Eagle ever since the Birds drafted him in 2007. There's a good chance he'll finish his career with Philadelphia after signing a multi-year extension earlier this offseason.

If Celek ever needs to find a new job after football is over for him, maybe Wawa wouldn't be such a bad choice. The customers love him!