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Being the Eagles' head coach got Doug Pederson out of a police stop without a ticket

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Peter King and The MMQB crew attended Eagles training camp practice on Sunday, so naturally there's a good portion of Eagles content in his weekly Monday column. King specifically focused on Doug Pederson, who had a good story to share.

Rookie Eagles coach Doug Pederson was driving home from the Philadelphia airport one night this off-season and got pulled over by a cop. Seems Pederson had been driving without his lights on, and the cop took his license and registration and went back to his car to write him up. The cop came back a couple of minutes later. He handed Pederson the license and registration back, with nothing else.

“Season-ticket holder 26 years,” the flat-line cop said. “Expecting big things.”

First of all, come on, Doug. That's dangerous. Second, being able to get out of traffic tickets seems like a pretty decent job perk.

King has a few more notes on Pederson and the Eagles later on in his post. They weren't as, uh, cool.

Now, this is the time of year when coaches are optimists anyway, but Pederson seems giddy to be the coach of the Eagles—to be the coach of any team, really. When Pederson saw GM Howie Roseman on Sunday at the Eagles’ complex, they shared a giddy fist bump. “Energy!” Roseman said, all cheerleadery.

This couldn't feel more cheesy.

And on the subject of whether Pederson can be tough enough: “You didn’t see me yesterday,” he said Sunday morning. “We have a 10-minute specialist period at the start of practice, and players catch punts and kickoffs out of the JUGGS machine. So the whistle blew for practice and two guys were still getting taped up and ready. Well, I lost my mind. I was like, ‘WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS ON SUNDAY, ARE YOU GONNA BE TAPING YOUR HANDS WHEN THEY’RE GETTING READY TO KICK THE BALL OFF IN THE GAME?’”

OK, I was wrong. It got even worse. At least that's where it ends. Oh, wait, there's more?

“It’s not Kansas City anymore, Dorothy,” he said.

Perfect, a dad joke to top it all off.

Pederson might turn out to be a good coach. At the very least, he certainly deserves a fair chance to show what he's got. But I'd be lying if I said he was very inspiring. Again, that might not mean much. The ever-intriguing Chip Kelly was always the smartest guy in the room (or at least he acted that way) and we saw how great that worked out last year before he got fired. The contrast between the personalities of Chip and Doug couldn't be any more stark, though.

Like the cop who gave Pederson a free pass, Eagles fans are expecting big things from this team. Maybe not so much in Year One, as the Eagles' poor open training camp practice attendance number indicates. But eventually it will be time for Pederson to prove himself. He has a fair share of doubters to win over.