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Eagles News: Philadelphia has two of the best hybrid players in the NFL

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/9/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The NFL’s best hybrid players -
Fletcher Cox - The public often slams players who lose their overall excellence after their teams undergo schematic changes, while the respect earned by players who are indeed able to transcend major playbook shifts isn't equally distributed. If it was, you'd be hearing a lot more about Cox and his ability to transition from a three-tech/nose tackle role in his rookie season of 2012 in a 4–3 base defense to Philly's multi-front 3–4 over the last three years. Early on, Cox was asked to penetrate as a one-gap tackle, and he could do that very well with his power and speed. But under Chip Kelly and defensive coordinator Bill Davis, the Eagles moved to a two-gap 3–4 base front with some one-gap variables, testing Cox's mettle. A lot of aggressive one-gap players find it difficult to play the waiting game as a two-gap tackle, but Cox excelled last season with a career-high 9.5 sacks and 77 total pressures. He was flexed in everywhere from end to straight-up nose tackle, and he disrupted consistently. With the hiring of new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, Cox should flourish in a 4–3 more similar to his rookie campaign.

Setting realistic goals for the Eagles' 2016 season - Bleeding Green Nation
Breaking down the Eagles' roster and taking your mailbag questions.

Eagles talk on 94 WIP - CBS Philly
I joined Joe Giglio and Ike Reese on WIP to talk about the Eagles.

Eagles rookie NFL player comparisons: Carson Wentz - PhillyVoice
Like Wentz, Bortles was a late riser leading up to the draft, who was not thought of as a first-round pick when his final college season began. Bortles ended up being drafted third overall by the Jags in the 2014 draft, one spot behind where the Eagles snagged Wentz a few months ago. When you compare the two players, Wentz's and Bortles' physical measurables are consistent, in that Wentz is a little better than Bortles in nearly every category across the board.

Wake-Up Call: On the Eagles’ Trip Out West - Birds 24/7
Durkin, who has been working with Drew Brees for the last decade-plus and with Daniel the last handful of years, is getting his first exposure to Wentz. While rightly noting that Wentz has two quarterbacks ahead of him at the moment, Durkin has liked what he’s seen out of the rookie signal-caller. “My first impression is the young man has  a tremendous amount of talent. I like his swag, I like his confidence, I like his leadership,” he said. “From the beginning I think he has a huge upside and I think if he’s got the work ethic that he seems to have, is willing to work at his craft and is willing to continue to spend time on mastering his craft, then he’s got the ability to be great.”

Rookie Journey: Alex McCalister -
Learn how rookie defensive end Alex McCalister arrived in Philadelphia and how he's preparing for his first NFL Training Camp later this month in this edition of the Rookie Journey presented by AAA...

First NFL draft, held at Philly's Ritz-Carlton, went unnoticed -
A sports staple in 2016, the draft was merely a desperate idea when it was proposed in 1935. Its advocate was a failed Main Line businessman, deBenneville "Bert" Bell, whose Philadelphia Eagles were losing games and money at a scary pace. A few years earlier, Bell, whom the late Daily News columnist Stan Hochman said, "talked out of the side of his mouth, like a guy spitting out a silver spoon," was managing the family's hotels, the Ritz-Carlton and St. James. In 1933, he and Lud Wray purchased the remnants of the NFL's Frankford Yellow Jackets. Few here cared or noticed as his re-christened Eagles went 9-21-1 in their first three seasons.

32 NFL Teams, 32 Regrets: Making one bad move can be costly in the NFL - Sports on Earth
Eagles: The power shift in the front office. Where to even begin? You can't point to any one free agent contract or trade done by Philly last season and say "That was clearly the biggest mistake." They were all mistakes and it's not even so much that you only blame Chip Kelly; blame ownership for letting things get so far out of hand.

‘They still count me out,’ DeSean Jackson says, after he’s left out of NFL top 100 - Washington Post
DeSean Jackson expressed a few vibrant thoughts on Instagram on Wednesday night, after a mostly quiet offseason. “They still count me out,” Jackson wrote. “What they thought I ain’t Still one of the SiCcest Wideouts In Tha Game ??” he asked. “Jus watch & See They ain’t Neva Love a Real one anyway My Family taken Care of 4 life & Ima continue 2 ball on they [backside].”

The definitive all-time ranking of musical performances by NFL teams & players - SB Nation
2. Philadelphia Eagles, "Buddy's Watchin' You" - There are so many wonderful things about this song. Let's start with just trying to imagine what Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan must have thought of this, his players' ode to him. There is nothing in existence that better exemplifies the 1980s than this video, and there are almost too many to name, so we'll limit it to a few standouts.

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