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Jordan Matthews looks totally jacked in this picture of Eagles players bonding in San Diego

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Eagles players are getting ready for training camp.

Remember the report about Philadelphia Eagles players planning to meet up in San Diego and work out together in the dead zone between the end of spring practices and the beginning of training camp? It appears that passing camp is taking place this week, as indicated on social media.

And now for some very important observations about this picture.

• Jordan Matthews (far right) is absolutely jacked. If you follow him on Snapchat, this is hardly a surprise. He's always working out.

Sam Bradford is totally wearing sleeves because of course he is. Bradford is never not wearing sleeves. I also thought it's funny how Bradford is standing in-between his two biggest supporters on the team: JMatt and Zach Ertz.

Chase Daniel has been called out for having a dadbod. Poor Chase.

• Look at Carson Wentz buddying up with his current mentor and future backup, Chase. Wentz is wearing the same trunks he was spotted wearing in Ocean City this weekend.

• That's Rueben Randle on the far left, for those wondering. And the dude in the neon tank top appears to be T.J. Graham.

• There are some Eagles players out in San Diego who aren't pictured here. Those names include: Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff, and Chris Givens. There was talk in the spring that Lane Johnson might show up as well.

It's cool to see the players bonding and getting a head start before training camp begins in three weeks from now.