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Here's what Twitter's live streaming of NFL Thursday Night Football games might look like

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Earlier this year, it was revealed Twitter won rights to stream Thursday Night Football games starting this season. This development came as a surprise because Twitter previously hasn't been heavily involved in live streaming video content. In any case, 10 of the league's 16 Thursday night games will be shown live on Twitter while the regular broadcast versions will still also be available on either CBS or NBC depending on the week. It isn't known exactly what the Twitter streaming experience will look like, but we may have gotten a sneak peek thanks to Twitter's live coverage of Wimbledon 2016. (Click here for the live feed. You don't have to sign up for Twitter in order to watch.)

As you can see, Twitter features the stream itself above a list of tweets including with the event's official hashtag. It'll be interesting to see if the streaming of NFL games will look similar.

This news is relevant to the Eagles because Philadelphia's Week 16 game against the New York Giants is one of the 10 Thursday games set to stream on Twitter. The matchup is set to take place at Lincoln Financial Field on Dec. 22. The game will also air live on NBC and NFL Network.