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Eagles News: Randall Cunningham's daughter makes history by qualifying for the Olympics

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/4/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Vashti Cunningham qualifies for Rio Olympics, becomes youngest athlete to make US Track and Field team in 36 years - SB Nation
Vashti Cunningham punched her ticket to the 2016 Rio Olympics in the high jump and in doing so became the youngest United States Olympian in the sport since 1980. Cunningham, 18, is the daughter of retired Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham. There's a lot of hype behind her and her potential to earn a medal in the event. Poland's Kamila Licwinko has the best non-American jump in the world in 2016 at 1.99 meters, a mark that Cunningham cleared at the US indoor championships in March.

Six players eligible for NFL Supplemental Draft: Should the Eagles have interest? - PhillyVoice
Shepard is the biggest name of the group, as he was formerly ranked the 76th best high school recruit in the nation in 2012. He enrolled at Notre Dame, transferred to Ole Miss, and then left Ole Miss under less than amicable circumstances. He was reportedly going to transfer to Miami of Ohio, before changing course and entering the supplemental draft. You can read a more detailed version of his story via Daniel Paulling of The Clarion-Ledger.

My Buddy - Iggles Blitz
Buddy’s impact shouldn’t be defined by rings and trophies. His impact is more about people and relationships. Buddy’s players loved him and were incredibly loyal. The fans loved Buddy’s players and continue to do so to this day. Reggie, Seth, Clyde and Jerome haven’t played for the Eagles for more than 2 decades, but those names mean something to Eagles fans. No last names are needed. Buddy loved being the coach of the Eagles. That really meant something to him.

Lawlor: Why Buddy Ryan Is So Beloved -
Ryan was about as unconventional as a coach could get. He didn't care what anyone thought. Ryan was going to do things his way. There would be no more answering to Mike Ditka or anyone else. The Eagles were his team and going to reflect his personality. Even when the Eagles went to the Super Bowl in 1980, they didn't feel like a great team. They were talented to be sure, but also a feel-good story about overachievers and hard workers. The star quarterback came from Youngstown State. The star running back came from some place called Abilene-Christian. Those Eagles teams were respected by everyone and liked by plenty of people, but no one feared them. No one was in awe of them. Buddy Ryan wanted fear and awe.

Ranking the NFL's top 12 defensive lines: Who's No. 1? -
Here's one way to think of the Eagles' spot on this list. They may have the weakest "second best defensive lineman" among teams in the top 10, but they definitely have the "fifth-best defensive lineman" in football. Curry, Barwin, and Graham form an excellent pass rush trio at end. Logan's run-stuffing complements Cox's everything-stuffing. Jim Schwartz is in prime position to make himself a head coaching candidate again.

Eagles nuggets: Team shouldn't wear black jerseys in 2016 - Eagledelphia
Entering last season, I thought there was nothing that Chip Kelly could do that would warrant him not getting a fourth season as the team's coach, following two 10-6 seasons. But when a coach loses a locker-room, it's nearly impossible to come back from that, regardless of what the team may have previously accomplished record-wise. A source close to the team told as early as the Wednesday in between the team's Week 2 loss to the Dallas Cowboys and Week 3 win over the New York Jets that there were 'big locker room problems,' with multiple key players on the team not buying into Kelly's culture. To a degree, winning can mask locker room problems, but it became evident to everyone involved late in the season that Kelly had irreversibly lost the locker room and could not remain the team's coach.

NFC East Roundup: Redskins Picked To Win Double Digit Games - Birds 24/7
As you celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, let’s take a spin around the NFC East to see what’s going on with the rest of the division.

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