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Eagles Training Camp: Watch Rueben Randle make an incredible one-handed catch

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Pretty good!

Remember that incredible one-handed catch by Rueben Randle I mentioned in my Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice notes on Saturday?

Rueben Randle easily made the best catch in practice. Words don't really do it justice, but I'll try anyway.  Bradford threw a little high and little behind him as he was running across the field. Randle stuck his right hand in the air and snagged the ball while continuing to run without slowing down after he caught it. Randle had a few more nice grabs in practice before leaving early.

Well, now you can watch the amazing play thanks to Randle posting it on his Instagram account.

I'll take that! @philadelphiaeagles #nfltrainingcamp

A video posted by @ruebenrandle82 on

Not too bad, huh? I don't think the Eagles would mind if he can continue to make nice plays like this.

Randle looked pretty good for the Eagles on Saturday before leaving practice early due to cramps.