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An interesting thing happened with Howie Roseman's answer to a question about Bennie Logan

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Hmm ...

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Eagles executive vice president of football operations spoke with media following the team's Friday practice. Roseman was questioned on a number of topics, including the possibility that the Eagles will need to cut some players next offseason due to all the guaranteed money they gave out this year.

"Yeah, I think for us, when you’re looking at this, it’s not just in a one-year window," Roseman said. "We’re constantly looking at next year, and Year 3, and where we are, and understanding that at some point in those years, it kind of comes back to us a little bit. We’re hoping that where this is going from our team and our perspective that we don’t have a lot of free agents going forward."

"We have guys that are good players and guys that we like so it’s not an indication that we don’t like any of the guys who haven’t gotten deals, but there comes a point where we’re going to have to figure it out and where we’re going. But we’re always looking at kind of balancing the short-term and the long-term here. Any of these moves that we make, we’re still keeping our eye on going out."

Speaking of players who haven't gotten deals, there's one that sticks out like a sore thumb: Bennie Logan. The 26-year-old defensive tackle is Philadelphia's only projected 2016 starter who will be a free agent after the season is over. Roseman was asked about why Logan has been left out so far.

"We love Bennie Logan," he said. "Bennie Logan is a heck of a player. A great person on and off the field. He’s someone that we see here. So, like I said, just because someone doesn’t have a contract right now, doesn’t mean that they’re not in our plans going forward."

What's interesting about this answer isn't so much about what Roseman said. He didn't say anything surprising. Logan is a good player and indications are the organization likes the former third round pick.

But what I did find interesting is that both this question and response have been carefully removed from Roseman's media appearance video on the team's official website. The video is edited so that instead of Roseman being shown talking to reporters, like he is for most the clip, there's a montage of Eagles players who already signed deals earlier this offseason. I noticed this difference when comparing the audio of Roseman I personally recorded versus the video from the team's site. I also noticed that when I downloaded the audio from the video, the file name says "redo." Maybe that's a sign the Logan answer was originally in there and then edited out later? Or maybe it's just an honest mistake and I'm totally reaching here, but I have my doubts.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how the Eagles handle Logan moving forward. Philadelphia already has a lot of money invested in the defensive line, especially after handing out a monster contract to Fletcher Cox earlier this offseason. Another interesting angle to this situation is that Logan and Cox share the same representation: agent Todd France.

Though Logan has mostly been thought as a run-stuffer to this point, he has the athleticism and skill to succeed in Philadelphia's 4-3 defense. A big year for Logan could mean a big pay day is in store. It remains to be seen if the Eagles will be able to afford him.


More quotes from Howie Roseman's Friday press conference can be found below.

Why did you re-sign Darren Sproles?

“When you talk about leadership, work ethic, character, and then production, he’s made the last two Pro Bowls. He just exemplifies everything. And as we look at it, he’s so important to this team on and off the field. It was a no-brainer from our perspective.”

Darren Sproles doesn’t seem to be slowing down, is that what you see?

“I’m going to have to knock your head on that one, a little good luck. You guys see it out here. He’s just got tremendous quickness, acceleration. Mismatch in the passing game. Every time he’s back on a punt return, you’re thinking a big play can happen. And then again, just his work ethic in our locker room. If you ask any of our players, they know that when they go to Darren, just what he signifies. So we’re really excited about it. It was a good move for us.”

You also gave extensions to Brent Celek and Jason Peters. Is there a philosophy shift to rewarding players over 30?

“I think we’re more looking at each individual case as it comes. When you talk about those guys, what they can still bring to our football team on and off the field, and when you’re implementing some young players, it’s good to have a nice mix of guys who’ve done it before and also understand what it was like when teams have had success. Guys who have been winners, and being able to help our young players come through. So having a mix of veterans who can play at a higher level, and have the character and determination we’re looking for to help teach some of our young players coming along as we kind of start here.

Why sign Darren Sproles now?

“I think it’s the message that you’re sending is that ‘You do the right thing here, and you’re productive, and you’ve got a chance to stay here.’ We want people to feel that way, on and off the field. A place that if you do the right thing, you have the opportunity to continue to be here. And when you look around the team, he’s a great example of that. So we’re trying to build that culture of having guys here who feel like ‘Hey, I can be here if I do the right thing and I play well.’ And with Darren, we’ve been having these discussions for awhile. To get it done, it’s a great relief on our part.

What kind of comparable contracts were the Eagles able to use to get Sproles’ deal done?

“Deals like Frank Gore and [Matt] Forte, who’ve signed recently. You just want to be fair with a guy like [Sproles]. And make sure that he’s taken care of and makes sure that he feels really good because when your’e asking him to provide that leadership and provide the kind of ability that we’re looking for on the field, I think it’s important also that he feels invested in this team and this organization.”

How much do timing and circumstance play into a quarterback’s success?

“I think it’s in success of anyone and anything. Life is so much about timing. Nick [Foles] had a phenomenal year for us [in 2013], an historic year for us. He’s a great person and I have no doubt he’s going to catch on quick.”

How did that factor of timing and circumstance play into the thinking of what you did this offseason at quarterback?

“Well, it’s also that you can only deal with the fact patterns that you have when making decisions. Sometimes, you’re dealing with change. Circumstances change. You have to make decisions understanding that can happen and never look back. That’s kind of where we are.”

If you had to fit Sam Bradford in 2017, can you possibly do it? And how?

“No question. We’re not in the business of losing good players. That’s our job to kind of figure out scenarios and figure out ways to do that. We’ve gone through all those scenarios. Obviously, it’s tighter than it’s been since I’ve been here, but we also felt like it was an opportunity now with where our players were that the longer we waited, the more players we would have to lose, because time is never helpful with these things. So we went into it knowing that, but for sure.”

What do you think about the RB depth?

“I think that we’ve got a bunch of guys that we’re excited to see. You talk about Ryan [Mathews], and you’ve seen when he’s healthy what he can do. Obviously, Darren. And then we’re excited about Wendell [Smallwood] and a bunch of other guys. I mean, [Kenjon] Barner has looked really good here, he’s had a really great offseason. And then our two young guys [Byron Marshall and Cedric O’Neal], our rookies, we’re excited to see them. It’s hard to evaluate them because obviously they’re running backs, they’re going look good in shells, they’re going to look good without pads. So when the pads come on, and all the things that go into running between the tackles, pass protection … But it’s probably a different situation, again, we talk about the cap, with the running back position, since I’ve been here, we’ve always kind of invested in that position. And the timing of it, and just where we are as a team, it’s just something that we’ll continue to look at going forward. But we feel like right now we have guys who can help us in different roles and they play off each other a little bit, their skill set.”

Will you have final say on the 53-man roster?

“You know, all of this stuff is a collaboration. It’s my responsibility that we have the right guys here. But our personnel staff, our coaching staff, we meet all the time. We’re talking about guys. It’s a lot less difference of opinion when you get down to those numbers, because you’ve having the constant communication about where you are. It’s not a lot of surprises when you get down to the end point. But we’re got a long way to go in camp, and a lot of those decisions that you’re thinking about now, ‘Who’s going to make this?’, they have a way of working themselves out.

Do you have any concerns about depth at some positions and do you see the team being active on the waiver wire?

“Yeah, concerned about depth everywhere. That’s always a part about training camp. You’re always looking. And Joe and his staff are constantly trying to find guys, and who’s on the street, and who’s going to become available. So we’re always looking for upgrades and to figure out where we are. We know we’re not a finished product here. We’re looking at this kind of through that, and how we’re going to help our team this year and going forward. If there are any opportunities to help the team, we’ll look at that.”