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Eagles News: Darren Sproles wants to finish his career in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/30/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Darren Sproles has two good years left, wants to retire an Eagle - CSN Philly
How many good years does he have left? "Two," Sproles answered. "This year and next year." Does that mean he’s going to retire after the 2017 season? "We gonna see," he said. "We gonna see." Sproles was drafted in the fourth round in 2005 by San Diego, where he spent the first six years of his career. From there, he had three electrifying years in New Orleans before joining the Eagles and Chip Kelly before the 2014 season.  The dynamic weapon wants Philly to be his final stop. It’s important for him to finish his career with the Eagles because he loves his teammates, he said. His new deal might make that possible.

Early observations from Eagles training camp - BGN
Listen to the latest episode of BGN Radio.

Why Eagles are locking up key veterans - Inquirer
Roseman wants to be just as successful. But does his handling of over-30s suggest a philosophical shift for the Eagles? Why sign Sproles now when it wasn't a necessity? "I think it's the message that you're sending to the team and the players. . . . You do the right thing here, and you're productive, and you got a chance to stay here," Roseman said. "And we want people to feel that way on and off the field." Peters, Sproles and Celek are high character players, but they wouldn't be here unless they still had some miles left on the wheels. But are their treads worn out more than the Eagles think?

Howie Roseman says the Eagles could keep Sam Bradford in 2017 - PhillyVoice
Certainly, the Eagles could keep Bradford. They would just have to cut a bunch of other good players and essentially sit on the sidelines during free agency. The only way they would keep him is if he's Super Bowl MVP (lol) or if Carson Wentz loses his right arm in a wood chipper accident, which I suppose is entirely possible in North Dakota.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Dorenbos’ Second Act - Birds 24/7
It’ll take a little bit of logistical maneuvering to fit everything in now that football season is underway. But even if he makes it all the way to the end on America’s Got Talent, he thinks he would only miss one or two practices. "The team has been super supportive. The days are absolutely minimal as far as the conflict in schedule. NBC has been unbelievable too so we’re going to make it work. It’s not going to affect the games, it’s not going to affect much time at all.

5 Things: What Makes Sproles Special -
"A lot of the fans see what he does on Sundays and on Monday nights, but I get to see him every day and I see all the work he puts in and the attention to detail he has for the little things," Staley said. "He’s special and has been for 12 years. He makes up for a lack of size in many ways. And from a defensive standpoint, you can’t hit what you can’t see. You have offensive linemen who are 6-5, 6-6 and then here comes Sproles and you can’t find him. He’s been using that as a strength for his whole career. He’s super quick. It’s amazing for him to be in his 12th year and, in my opinion, he hasn’t lost a step. He takes care of his body. He does everything right and you see it on the field. I’m telling you, he’s going to go down in history as one of the best to ever play the position with that size, height and weight."

Updating the LB Situation - Iggles Blitz
The LB corps got shuffled a bit this offseason. Jordan Hicks moved from ILB to MLB. Mychal Kendricks moved from ILB to WLB. Nigel Bradham was signed in free agency to come in and be the SAM. Najee Goode was brought back to be the key backup and the team spent a 7th rounder on Joe Walker to be the backup in the middle. The starters seem to be good. The backups are more of a question, with Goode being new to the 4-3 and Walker being a late round rookie. Things got interesting early in the week when Bradham was arrested in Florida for assaulting a cabana boy man. Doug Pederson said Bradham isn’t going to lose his job over the incident and it sounds like Bradham was somewhat provoked in the situation rather than just being a total knucklehead. We have to wait and see how things play out, but for now it doesn’t seem the incident is going to affect Bradham’s season all that much.

NFL insider: Eagles coaches have already made change to Carson Wentz's mechanics - NJ.come
"They're not even thinking about playing Wentz this year," Caplan said Thursday on 97.5 The Fanatic. "It's about get him ready. Get him comfortable. Get him understanding the pro-speed. Remember, yes, he played in a pro-style offense, but that was Division 1-AA. This is a major jump. "He needs to work on his mechanics, as I understand it. Footwork, shoulders square and the other thing is, the way he holds the football had to be adjusted a little bit. I'm not saying he won't play, in fact, my prediction is he'll start 4-6 games."

Agent's Take: These NFC players at a crossroads need to channel Eli in 2016 - CBS Sports
The Eagles didn't trade up to take Carson Wentz with the second-overall pick for him to sit on the bench indefinitely. Philadelphia's cap situation will almost necessitate moving on Bradford, who has a $22.5 million 2017 cap number, before his $4 million due on the fifth day of the 2017 league year is payable early next March unless he finally lives up to being the first-overall pick of the 2010 draft. The Eagles have a league-leading $177.91 million of 2017 salary cap commitments. $17 million of cap room would be gained by trading Bradford. It's $13 million if he is released, because $4 million of his $13 million 2017 base salary is already fully guaranteed.

The Giants are saying all the right things. Now, they have to back it up. - SB Nation
The New York Giants launched training camp on Thursday intent on fusing brave words with bold action. They definitively have the words honed. It started with new head coach Ben McAdoo, who required only a few seconds to starkly talk about "a fifth Super Bowl trophy in the case'' for the Giants being the goal this season. And McAdoo somehow managed to shoot upward from there.

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