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Eagles' Jon Dorenbos does an awesome magic trick for the Secret Service (VIDEO)

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Dorenbos is on fire.

Jon Dorenbos has been killing it on America's Got Talent with the three magic tricks he's performed so far. The Eagles long snapper has performed so well that he's advanced through to the semifinals. But Dorenbos isn't just saving his magic for the television show. He also put on a cool performance for the U.S. Secret Service, which visited Eagles training camp prior to the start of practice on Thursday.

The combination of the tricks Dorenbos does and his entertaining personality makes him so fun to watch. You can't help but feel like he has a real chance to win AGT.

Speaking of which, Dorenbos said his AGT performances shouldn't conflict too much with his Eagles practice schedule. In case you were worried about that.

More pictures and video from the Secret Service's visit to the NovaCare Complex below.