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Eagles still believe in Josh Huff, per report

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It's safe to say Josh Huff hasn't been a stellar player for the Eagles since the team selected him in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft. The 24-year-old receiver has recorded a mere 35 receptions for 312 yards and three touchdowns during his two seasons. While it's true Huff has flashed big play ability at times, it's also true that's been unreliable more often than not.

Despite Huff's struggles, along with the fact that Chip Kelly is gone, the Eagles reportedly aren't ready to give up on him. Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice is reporting that the team still believes in him.

Many of you may be surprised to see Josh Huff among the top three wide receivers. According to a source, the team still believes in Huff and thought he had a good spring. While I disagree, that's the intel that I've received.

Like Kempski, I disagree that Huff looked good this spring. I'm not trying to say I'm smarter than the coaching staff, but I do know that I saw Huff drop quite a few passes this spring. It was to the point where I wondered aloud if the Eagles would cut him. Another reporter then pointed out that his role as kick returner might be the only thing that's saving his roster spot.

But apparently that's not the case. Assuming this report is true, Huff could be in line to be one of Philadelphia's starting receivers this season. He did take most of the first team reps at receiver in the spring.

I'm not breaking news by saying the Eagles don't have a lot of talent at receiver. They desperately need their young players to step up at the position. Giving Huff one last chance probably can't hurt. Maybe he'll excel in the new offense under Doug Pederson.

It's hard to have be optimistic, though. And this is coming from someone who was a believer in Huff's ability coming out of Oregon. Huff just hasn't been very impressive outside of a few select plays.

It's up to Huff to prove his doubters wrong. The Eagles appear to be giving him the chance to do so.