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Jon Dorenbos advances to 'America's Got Talent' semifinals

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Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos is through to the semi-finals of America's Got Talent. Dorenbos received enough votes from fans to allow him to advance. This much was revealed on the results show on Wednesday evening.

As the Eagles' Twitter account notes, Dorenbos is expected to be back in Philadelphia tomorrow for the first full day of 2016 training camp practice. Dorenbos was excused from reporting today due to his success on the show.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spoke about Dorenbos after practice on Wednesday.

Q. Jon Dorenbos is on national TV doing America's Got Talent. I know it's a totally separate topic …

DOUG PEDERSON: Love it. Did you guys watch it, by the way? Did you see it last night? Dude, it's unbelievable. … What [else] was on last night?

Q. The convention.

DOUG PEDERSON: America's Got Talent, man! Jon Dorenbos, one of our own! No, I'll tell you what, gosh, pulling for him. He represents us, the organization, this city on that show like a professional. Obviously his talent is something I think that when football is said and done for him, I think he's definitely got a career in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or wherever. But yeah, I'm pulling for him and excited for where he could go.

Q. He’s not going to be here today, for example; there's more taping coming up. Are you going to have to give him some time?

DOUG PEDERSON: We've just got to see. Obviously he went through this show and he'll be back tomorrow for the conditioning test. We'll just go day by day and just see where it ends up in the next couple of days.

America's Got Talent isn't the only competition the 36-year-old Dorenbos is facing this summer. He's also going up against rookie undrafted free agent John DePalma. The Eagles paid DePalma an unprecedented amount of guaranteed money for a UDFA long snapper.

Click the links below to watch all of the performances by Dorenbos on AGT this summer. They're all awesome.

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