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Alleged assault victim denies hitting Nigel Bradham's girlfriend

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Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Earlier on Wednesday, multiple reports emerged regarding new details in the alleged assault incident involving Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham. These reports indicate that Bradham's assault was in response to a hotel worker hitting his girlfriend.

The Florida police report, however, says Bradham was unprovoked. And now the alleged assault victim, Jean Courtois, is denying he hit anyone. Courtois spoke to Eliot Shorr-Parks of

"I am the victim. No, I didn't hit anybody."

"(Bradham) asked me to set up six chairs in the front (of the hotel). I told him I couldn't set up six chairs in the front because the city wouldn't allow it," Courtois said. "I told him that I couldn't do it, and he had to use the back [of the hotel].

"So I set up six chairs. Next, I had to (set up) the umbrella. To set up the umbrella, I had to use a drill. My manager was my witness. I told my manager to go get the drill. I needed it to fix the umbrella. When I went to go fix it, (Nigel Bradham) hit me."

Despite Courtois' claim, Bradham is reportedly expected to file counter-charges.

Bradham is expected to participate in the Eagles' first training camp practice on Thursday.