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Nigel Bradham was defending his girlfriend in alleged assault incident, per reports

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Update on the Nigel Bradham situation.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

More details have emerged regarding the alleged assault incident in Florida involving Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham. According to multiple reports, Bradham was defending his girlfriend after a hotel worker tried to hit him but missed.

The original Florida police report, meanwhile, states that Bradham was not provoked.

The victim, who is employed at the Hilton Bentley South Beach, was attending the defendant and his group in the beach area located at the rear of the property. The victim & defendant were involved in a verbal altercation as a result of the victim’s speed of service that escalated when the defendant, without provocation, struck the victim in the nose with a closed fit, causing the victim to fall to the ground. Other members of the defendant’s group joined in the attack. The subject & his group fled the scene. As a result of the attack, the victim sustained a broken nose, contusions to the face & a laceration to the lip. The victim was transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital for treatment by Miami Beach Fire Rescue.

The victim also denies that he ever hit Bradham's girlfriend. Per

According to Courtois, who said he is receiving medical attention for injuries sustained in the incident, Bradham became impatient and struck him when Bradham was unhappy with the service.

"(Bradham) asked me to set up six chairs in the front (of the hotel). I told him I couldn't set up six chairs in the front because the city wouldn't allow it," Courtois said. "I told him that I couldn't do it, and he had to use the back [of the hotel].

"So I set up six chairs. Next, I had to (set up) the umbrella. To set up the umbrella, I had to use a drill. My manager was my witness. I told my manager to go get the drill. I needed it to fix the umbrella. When I went to go fix it, (Nigel Bradham) hit me."

Bradham turned himself in to police earlier this week.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said that the Eagles will not release Bradham. The veteran linebacker is expected to report for Eagles training camp and practice on Thursday afternoon.