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Eagles won't release Nigel Bradham, says Doug Pederson

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles will not immediately punish linebacker Nigel Bradham in the wake of his reported arrest this week, according to head coach Doug Pederson. The 26-year-old Bradham was reportedly arrested for assaulting a cabana boy at a Florida hotel. The incident reportedly stemmed from a dispute over an umbrella.

"I don’t foresee anything like that, no," said Pederson when asked if there was a possibility the Eagles will cut Bradham.

The Eagles very much lack depth at linebacker. Parting ways with Bradham would put them in an even bigger hole.

"Obviously, I can’t speculate. It’s an ongoing investigation, just like Nelson [Agholor’s] situation a few weeks back. But I did have a great conversation with last night. Laid out my expectations for him. Again, those are private conversations. I’m not going to get into a bunch of detail on that. He’s obviously humbled by it and he understands the situation, the magnitude. But until we get further details from the authorities, I can’t speculate any further."

Pederson confirmed that Bradham will report for Eagles training camp and practice during the team's first full training session on Thursday. Pederson also explained why Bradham won't be punished.

"Until we get further information from the authorities in South Florida, and with [vice president of team security Dom DiSandro], and the people here, I just felt like don’t punish him from being here, and let him practice, let him report, let him go through physicals, the conditioning test, all of that," Pederson said. "And we’ll see what happens in a few days."

Pederson said he's addressed his players multiple times about expectations of conduct off the field.

"I did it back in April in my first team meeting with [the players]," he said. "You always lay out your expectations, what to expect on the football field and off the football field. You’ve got to make smart decisions. We’re in a high profile business, and being in the city of Philadelphia things gets magnified a little bit. You’ve just got to be smart and careful. Make good choices. Obviously we all suffer from our bad choices, bad decisions, the consequences of that. I address the team quite often, actually. I addressed the rookies just the other night. Tonight’s meeting will have the same similar message."


Watch Pederson's entire Wendesday press conference in the video below via the Bleeding Green Nation Facebook page.