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Odell Beckham Jr. lies to children that the Giants will go to the Super Bowl

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Hope can be a dangerous thing.

Yesterday at a football camp for kids, Odell Beckham filled children’s minds with lies, half truths and falsehoods. He told them that the Giants would be at Super Bowl 51.

“Just chase your dreams, man … chase ’em,’’ Beckham said Tuesday. “You never know where you’ll end up if you don’t go for it.

“Most importantly, go Giants this year! Super Bowl 51 in Houston. We will be there.’’

At least Eli set his goal to just winning the limp NFC East. Maybe Beckham meant that the team would take a trip there to watch the Super Bowl from the stands. Technically he didn’t say they would be playing in it. Because there’s absolutely no reason to think they will even sniff the Super Bowl. The Giants have been a bad team for years, and they haven’t come close to turning it around for this season.

The 2015 Giants had an historically bad defense, giving up the most passing yards in the history of the NFL. Their run defense wasn’t much better, finishing 24th in yards. And this wasn’t an anomaly, in 2014 they were terrible too. To fix the defense, the Giants gave non-star players the contracts that star players get. Olivier Vernon, who’s notched double digit sacks once in his three years as a starter (and that season was three years ago) is the highest paid DE in history. CB Janoris Jenkins, who has given up the 3rd most TDs and 5th most 20+ yard passes since he entered the league, and DT Damon Harrison, a solid two-down run stuffer, have the 3rd most guaranteed money at their positions. (This bodes really well for soon to be free agent Beckham and his agent.) Those three, plus Jason Pierre-Paul, who’s job it is is to grab people but only has one functioning hand, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, when he feels like it, is all the Giants have. Their linebackers stink. Their safeties stink. And Steve Spagnuolo is still coaching them for some reason. The Giants defense will be better simply by default, but it’s still going to be awful.

On offense the Giants are still the same one dimensional unit they have been since Beckham was drafted. They can’t run the ball at all because their running backs are arguably the worst the in league and their offensive line is weak. And their passing game is almost entirely Manning to Beckham. They have no tight end to speak of and their second best WR is Victor Cruz, who hasn’t been healthy in four years and good in five.

The Giants will be atrocious on defense. They will be the same one dimensional offense they’ve been since 2014. And they have a rookie head coach. That is a combination for third place in the division, not conference champions.

Optimism is good and all, but outright lying to children? That’s just sad Odell. You should have just stuck to hawking them your lame emoji app.

I’m not mad, I think it’s funny.