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Eagles Training Camp Practice Notes: Carson Wentz makes some rookie mistakes

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Here's what we learned from today's Eagles practice.

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Tuesday was the second day of 2016 Eagles training camp practice. As noted earlier, only 38 players have reported at this point, so it's not like it was a standard practice. Here's what I noticed anyway.


• Injury update: No major injuries to report. Rookie receiver Cayleb Jones had a rough landing after trying to make a leaping catch on the final play of practice. He spent some time getting stretched out by trainers before eventually getting up and walking off.

• Let's start with the quarterbacks.

Sam Bradford had a good day for the most part. He completed nearly all of his passes. Bradford's best throw of the day was when he hit Paul Turner along the right sideline for a 20 to 25 yard gain. JaCorey Shepherd had tight coverage on Turner -- to the point where it was probably pass interference -- but Turner made the catch anyway because the ball was perfectly located by Sammy Sleeves. Bradford's worst throw of the day came on a play where he threw to McLeod Bethel-Thompson, who lined up as a tight end. C'mon, Sam. You can't throw to a quarterback. The pass was a little high and went off MBT's hands. Former CFL cornerback Aaron Grymes came down with the interception.

Not a lot to say about Chase Daniel. The only time I noticed him is when he threw a pass towards Jalen Mills. Predictably, the rookie cornerback batted the ball away.

Carson Wentz had a nice start to training camp yesterday, as Adam Hermann noted. Wentz didn't do as well today. (OH NO IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!) The rookie quarterback looked like a rookie. He threw a pass wide and behind his receiver on one play. The miscommunication (and/or poor throw) caused Doug Pederson to pull him aside after the rep and coach him up. Later, Wentz got too locked in to a rookie receiver in the slot running a slant. The pass was broken up by C.J. Smith. Another Wentz pass was broken up by a diving effort from Travis Long. Then it was Smith again who had a chance to pick off Wentz but the ball bounced off his hands. Wentz's accuracy needs some work. A pass thrown to a wide open Hunter Sharp in the middle of the field was a little too high.

• Two practices in a row where Long has stood out in a good way. The 25-year-old linebacker suffered season-ending injuries in training camp the past two summers. If he can finally stay healthy, maybe he can push for a depth linebacker spot.

• At one point during team drills, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said the following: "Let's f***ing pull our heads out of our asses." So yeah, I think Philly fans are gonna love this dude. If they don't already, that is.

• Lots of drops again today. Even when it was just wide receivers running routes on air. The drops don't come as a total surprise since it's just a bunch of undrafted rookie free agent receivers out there at this point, but still ... you'd like to see at least one rookie kind of show something. Here's my unofficial Eagles rookie receiver drop counter: Paul Turner 3, Xavier Rush 3, Hunter Sharp 2, Marcus Johnson 2, Cayleb Jones 2. Running back Byron Marshall dropped a pass in the flat, though it might have been a low throw from Wentz.

• Speaking of showing something, Jones made a nice one-handed grab deep along the right sideline. No one was covering him, but it's more than can be said for the other receivers.

• Here's a lengthy video clip from Eagles practice. Like on the official Bleeding Green Nation Facebook page to watch these videos live as they happen.

Up next: Eagles training camp practice starts again tomorrow at 8:30 AM ET. The rest of the team is scheduled to report (but not practice) on Wednesday. Can't wait for the first full practice on Thursday. That's when the real action starts. Stay tuned.