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49ers promote former Eagles executive and Chip Kelly ally

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Former Eagles executive Tom Gamble seems to be doing well for himself in San Francisco. The 49ers promoted Gamble, formerly a senior personnel executive, to the position of assistant general manager on Monday.

This promotion is interesting given the hire of Chip Kelly as San Francisco's head coach earlier this offseason. Kelly was a big advocate of bringing Gamble to Philadelphia when Kelly was hired in 2013. Kelly wanted Gamble to join the front office in part because he reportedly didn't trust former Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. That distrust was apparent when Gamble was unceremoniously fired after the 2014 season and Kelly pushed for control of Philadelphia's player personnel department. Kelly's reign was obviously unsuccessful, as he got fired before the end of the 2015 season. Now Roseman is back in charge of Philadelphia's football operations while Kelly and Gamble are reunited with the 49ers.

Gamble's elevated standing comes amidst rumors that Kelly and current 49ers general manager Trent Baalke haven't necessarily been on the same page. The 49ers have denied these rumors, but given Kelly's history, one can only wonder. Then again, Gamble worked with Baalke before leaving to work with Kelly in Philadelphia. Maybe the 49ers won't be so dysfunctional after all. Or maybe Chip is going to push for power once again.

At the very least, it'll be interesting to see if the 49ers chase after former Eagles players given Gamble's increased power and Kelly's presence there. Aside from Thad Lewis, San Francisco has held off from adding former Philadelphia players so far. Looking ahead, the 49ers have a need at quarterback and Sam Bradford will likely be available for trade after this offseason. Just something to think about.