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Eagles Mailbag: Changing one of Philadelphia's offseason moves

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Eagles Q&A.

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Bleeding Green Nation mailbag. Each week I'll be taking some of your Eagles questions and answering them here. We already answered some of your inquiries on the latest episode of BGN Radio (click HERE to listen). Now it's time for some more Q&A. Let's get started.

@jjbirnbaum asks: If you could go back one year, which offseason decision (trade, draft pick, FA signing, etc) would you change?

I'm changing the question to limit it to this offseason because I don't feel like digging up old Chip Kelly stuff. Not to mention last year's signings and picks happened more than 365 days ago.

If I were the Eagles, I wouldn't have re-signed Sam Bradford. I know they didn't know for sure they'd be getting Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz, but I'm answering this question with the benefit of hindsight. I'm getting rid of Bradford because he's an overpaid lame duck starter. I want to see Wentz on the field. I wouldn't play Wentz just to play him, though. I'd start Daniel over him as a placeholder unless the rookie was clearly awesome in training camp and preseason. Then if/when Daniel struggles, it's Wentz time. As for the third quarterback, I'd just re-sign Michael Vick. He's familiar with Pederson's offense and it'd be cool to see him spend his last NFL season in Philly.

I also considered "hiring someone other than Doug Pederson" and "having a real general manager search" for this question, but I guess I'm giving Pederson and Howie Roseman the benefit of the doubt for now.

@geoff_lane asks: Over/under: Carson Wentz starts .5 games.

I took the under when Wentz's starts were set at 3.5 games. If you're giving me .5 games, though, I'm taking the over. Wentz could and should easily be the starter by the end of the season if the team isn't in the mix for the playoffs. Alternatively, it's not impossible to think he could look awesome this summer and force the Eagles to play him.

@RP_Quigs asks: Is Jordan Hicks really as good as we think he is?

I'm pretty optimistic about Hicks, though I do wonder how he'll fare in the new scheme. At 6-1, 236 pounds, he's not exactly like the stocky 5-11, 240 pound Stephen Tulloch that Schwartz had in Detroit and Tennessee. Or the 6-3, 255 pound Brandon Spikes that Schwartz had at middle linebacker in Buffalo.

I think Hicks has the makings of a good player. He has knack for making plays on the ball and he's very athletic. He's already shown strong signs of leadership at a young age. Just how good Hicks can be - we'll see.

BGN film breakdown expert Jonny Page should have an article on Hicks coming within the next few weeks or so.

@RealTonyGunk asks: Is Jordan Matthews underrated? Has plays where he reminds me of T.O. (Who also struggled with drops, etc. before he finally broke out) ...

I think Jordan Matthews is properly rated. He's a good slot receiver. I don't see the T.O. comparison.

@EvanSchmidt_ asks: If the Eagles have a horrible season (say around 4 wins) would you be in favor of promoting Jim Schwartz to HC?

Not really. Schwartz has been a much better defensive coordinator than a head coach in his career. I don't think that'd solve much. Not to mention it's really hard to see Pederson only getting one year.

@Liberty4Granted asks: Is Doug Pederson like Andy Reid in subscribing to the idea that a short pass is the same as a run on 3rd and short?

From 2013 through 2015, the Chiefs ran on 58.8% of their third and short opportunities while passing on 41.2%. We can't say for sure if Pederson will be exactly like Reid, but those numbers might give us a base idea.

Kansas City wasn't been great at converting on third down during that span, by the way. They ranked 19th the past two seasons and 27th in 2013.

@EaglesJake asks: More likely to happen: Sam Bradford benched to due to lack of help from receivers or injury?

Injury. If the receivers are clearly at fault, I don't see how a quarterback change will help. Not to mention he's an injury-prone dude.

@craigmeyes asks: A top five list of non-starter running backs you'd like to see on the Eagles roster.

This question clearly stems from the Eagles having an unimpressive running back situation. I don't have five names for you, but I do have a few. First up is Knile Davis. He seems like the odd man out in Kansas City's backfield. The Eagles can probably wait until he gets cut since he should be somewhat familiar with Pederson's scheme. Wouldn't hate seeing the Eagles give Matthew Tucker a call. Remember him? He suffered an injury before training camp last season. He looked good in the preseason in past years. If you expected more exciting names, sorry.

@SeanyDoc asks: Was JaCorey Shepherd a wasted draft pick considering the coaching change? Does he still factor in at corner?

Shepherd was only a sixth round pick so it's hardly a big waste of resources even if he doesn't make the team this year. I currently left him off my 53-man projection, but if he plays well this summer he'll make the final roster. He's on the bubble.

@Rfrost32asks: Do you think Marcus Smith loses his roster spot to Steven Means?

I think Smith gets one last chance. Means is definitely an interesting long-shot name to keep an eye on, though.

@TriumphMcCloud asks: If "the Eagles" were taken, what would you name the Philadelphia NFL team?

That's a good question. I spent some time thinking about it and couldn't think of anything. I'll let the readers answer in the comments.