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Calling all Eagles fans: It's time to introduce yourself

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Welcome! Don't be shy.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Eagles training camp begins in less than a week! Until then, we still have some slow time to kill. So while we're patiently waiting, I wanted to take some time to focus on the Bleeding Green Nation community. A total of 29,507 registered users have signed up to join our site. That number is up from last year's total of 23,291. We have a lot of great community members who help make BGN a great place to be.

But based on our Facebook likes (over 86,000) and Twitter followers (over 42,000), I know there are plenty more people out there who read this site on a daily basis. That's right, I'm calling out all you lurkers! Please sign up for a BGN account (it's free!) and introduce yourself below in the comments. Tell us your name. Tell us how you became an Eagles fan. Tell us what your username means and/or how you picked it. Or don't tell us any of that, but definitely do tell us something. Anything. There's no good reason not to contribute. If you're a long-time community member, feel free to re-introduce yourself and tell us when/why you joined.

I'll start: my name is Brandon Lee Gowton, but everyone here calls me BLG. You can follow me on Twitter: @BrandonGowton. I first discovered BGN back in 2010. I remember being on Facebook and seeing an article about how Tom Heckert would have given up two first round picks for Kevin Kolb. I thought that was pretty crazy, so naturally I clicked on it. It took me about two months to sign up and starting commenting. From there, I also started to contribute in the FanPosts before eventually being brought on as a front page writer in February 2013. In September 2013, I took over as the site's third-ever Manager & Editor-in-chief, following in the footsteps of BGN legends JasonB and Jimmy Kempski. I've ran the site ever since and it's amazing how much it's grown over the past three years.

Now it's your turn. Let's hear from you.