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The average height and weight of every team in the NFL

90 man roster edition.

Darren Sproles is one of the shortest players in the NFL.
Darren Sproles is one of the shortest players in the NFL.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wondered about the average height and weight of your favorite NFL team? And how your team stacks up compared to all the other teams in the league? Of course you have. Luckily for you, you don't have to sort through a bunch of data because I've already done that for you. First up is the average height.

The Minnesota Vikings lead the league in tall people while the Patriots rank all the way at the bottom. Interesting enough, the Eagles led the NFL last year but now find themselves fourth to last.

Vikings 74.51
49ers 74.37
Steelers 74.32
Dolphins 74.29
Bengals 74.27
Cardinals 74.23
Cowboys 74.22
Texans 74.18
Jets 74.17
Buccaneers 74.16
Bills 74.12
Seahawks 74.09
Jaguars 74.08
Chiefs 74.08
Raiders 74.07
Rams 74.07
Titans 74.06
Bears 74.03
Panthers 74.00
Lions 73.99
Redskins 73.94
Colts 73.93
Saints 73.92
Ravens 73.92
Broncos 73.91
Chargers 73.87
Packers 73.84
Falcons 73.74
Eagles 73.72
Browns 73.69
Giants 73.67
Patriots 73.63

Below is a look at the average weight of every NFL team. Eagles fans might not be surprised to see the 49ers ranked first overall. "Big people beat up little people," as Chip Kelly would say.

And now for the data chart.

49ers 249.14
Redskins 248.96
Vikings 248.73
Panthers 248.50
Dolphins 248.43
Patriots 247.94
Titans 247.61
Packers 247.45
Ravens 246.84
Jets 246.59
Colts 246.55
Jaguars 246.21
Chargers 246.08
Broncos 246.07
Seahawks 245.34
Cowboys 245.33
Bills 245.30
Raiders 245.10
Giants 244.85
Bengals 244.60
Eagles 244.41
Texans 244.19
Lions 244.17
Bears 244.08
Steelers 243.49
Saints 243.45
Buccaneers 243.34
Chiefs 243.32
Cardinals 242.59
Browns 242.04
Rams 241.57
Falcons 241.09


• For last year's data, click here.

• The difference between the tallest team (Vikings) and shortest team (Patriots) is less than a full inch: 0.88.

• The difference between the heaviest team (49ers) and the lightest team (Falcons) is 8.05 pounds.

• Last year, none of the teams ranked in the bottom five in either height or weight had winning records. This year, there are some more successful teams at the bottom.

• The Eagles dropped from first in height and 14th in weight last year to 29th and 21st this year, respectively. There's now less emphasis on size with Chip Kelly gone.

• Request: Let us know if you'd be interested in 53-man version of this study once final cuts take place right before the regular season starts.

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