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Carson Wentz's dog has Twitter and Instagram accounts

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Too cute.

Do you like Carson Wentz? Do you like pets? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, then I have some good news for you: you can now keep up with the Eagles rookie quarterback's adorable dog on social media. Wentz's loyal companion, Henley, is available on both Twitter (@qb11_henley) and Instagram (@qb11_henley). She looks like such a good dog. See for yourself!

Went for a walk around the stadium to stretch out #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Quick stop at Starbucks before hittin' the road!! #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Thinking about running for office in my new home state! #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Finally made it home to dad, @cj_wentz11!!! #philly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Welcome to Philly, Henley. We're looking forward to more updates in the future. Try to make sure Carson doesn't get stuck in a bathroom again.